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Golf Industry News - Golf In Society

Golf in Society, the initiative helping people living with dementia and Parkinson’s through golf, is putting its full support behind Golf & Health Week, which begins on April 15. The comprehensive week of digital and social media activity covers many areas where golf can be used effectively to help people that need it and it’s […]

Golf in Society, which delivers person-centred golf sessions for people with chronic illnesses, is the first recipient of a financial award from the new charitable arm of the not-for-profit Golf Business International. Awards of up to £5,000 will be available to ‘good cause’ projects within the golf industry after the creation of the Golf Business International […]

Corporate partners of Golf Business International have rallied round to assist member Anthony Blackburn’s Golf in Society initiative, which works with people suffering from chronic illnesses. Golf in Society delivers person-centred golf sessions that “stimulate the mind, body and soul of older people looking to improve their health and wellbeing”. During each session participants receive […]