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Sterling Sets The Gold Standard For Single-Length Irons

1.08pm 9th August 2016 - New Products

Wishon Golf’s new Sterling Single Length Clubs
Wishon Golf’s new Sterling Single Length Clubs

Diamond Golf, Europe’s largest supplier of golf club components, workshop tools and training aids, has been appointed the sole distributor of Wishon Golf’s new Sterling Single Length Irons, which are set to kick start a revolution in the equipment market.

Sterling Irons are a major departure from traditional irons in that they feature a single-length shaft construction. This identical set up ensures all possible elements of swing feel are identical for each and every club – same MOI, same total weight, same headweight, same balance point – to offer the chance for improved shot consistency.

By offering the exact same length and lie, golfers can adopt the same stance, the same posture, and the same swing plane for every iron in the bag, thus further enhancing consistency. This concept has been put into practice in impressive fashion by PGA Tour rookie Bryson DeChambeau, who has been using a set of irons that have all been fitted with identical 371/2-inch shafts.

Traditionally, iron lengths change by about half an inch from one club to the next, ranging from just under 36 inches in the wedges, to about 39 inches or longer in the long irons. Head weights of the individual clubs also progressively increase, varying by as much as 60g from the heavier short irons to the lighter long irons.

And while other single-length sets lose too much distance with the lower lofted clubs, and generate too much distance with the more lofted irons and wedges, Sterling Irons deliver precise and consistent distance gaps throughout the bag.

Wishon Golf has achieved this by using high spring-like faces made from high strength steel in the 5-hybrid, 5, 6 and 7 irons with four-degree loft increments, while the faces in the 8, 9, PW, GW and SW are made from conventional cast carbon steel and feature five-degree loft increments. This unique design ensures consistent yardage gaps throughout the entire set.

“The benefit is greater shot consistency, better performance, and more on-centre hit consistency, and especially better performance and consistency with your low loft clubs,” said Tom Wishon, founder of Wishon Golf.

“What we’ve done in the low-loft clubs is create a high-COR [spring-like effect] design to give you back some of the distance you might have lost. In the high loft clubs, we have soft cast carbon steel.”

Wishon Golf offers a complete custom fitting service, the heads can be fitted to iron shafts and flexes that meet the swing speed, transition/tempo and release point of an individual golfer.

And while DeChambeau’s irons feature 371/2-inch shafts, Sterling Single Length clubs can be built to 361/2, 363/4 or 37-inch lengths to suit a golfer’s individual preferences. The shorter club length options also ensure that the higher lofted clubs don’t generate too much distance.

As well as being suitable for low handicappers and professionals, the Sterling Single Length Irons are also ideal for beginners, as the consistent weight and shaft lengths enable the new golfer to maintain the same stance and same ball position for every iron in the bag, allowing them to concentrate on making the same swing, rather than having to make tiny adjustments for each club.

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