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Titleist launch 716 irons & 816 hybrids

1.15pm 24th September 2015 - New Products

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The new Titleist 716 AP1 & AP2 irons and 816 hybrids
The new Titleist 716 AP1 & AP2 irons and 816 hybrids

Titleist have decided to launch the new 816 hybrids with the 716 irons on this occasion to align the two product lifecycles, in order help professionals with club fittings, helping to find the best distance gaps for the players with a wide variety of options to suit their game (including two different shaped hybrids to suit different swing types)

This is a one-off shift in Titleist’s regular two-year product lifecycles to align the two products; new hybrids will continue to be launched together with the irons from here on in

Titleist 716 AP1 AP2 CB MB Hero716 irons KEY FOCUS

AP1 Irons

AP2 Irons

CB Irons

MB Irons

T-MB Irons

816 hybrids KEY FOCUS




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The new Titleist 716 iron line-up


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