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SuperStroke Launches Tour-Proven Grips For Clubs

2.08pm 27th March 2015 - New Products

SuperStroke grips
SuperStroke grips

SuperStroke, with more than $100 million won in prize money over the last five years, has launched a brand new range of high-performance grips for woods, irons and wedges.

The new SuperStroke TX1 Tour Extreme grips incorporate a proprietary blend of two high-quality rubber compounds melded into one grip for the perfect combination of control and feel. The top portion of the grip is a soft cord-infused rubber that provides excellent control, while the bottom portion is a softer, non-cord rubber that delivers the level of feel and feedback that Tour players demand.

“The SuperStroke R&D team has spent extra time in liaising with Tour players to develop a club grip that offers the same level of quality golfers have come to trust with the brand’s successful putter grips,” said Tony Fletcher, Head of Sales for SuperStroke in Europe. “Through working with some of the best players in the world, the designers have created a grip that offers the very best in feel, particularly for those short shots around the greens where you make your score,” he added.

Available in Black/White, Red/White, Blue/White, Grey/White and Green/White colour options, the TX1 Tour Extreme grips come in a standard size, while there is also a mid-size version on offer in Black/White.The TX1 Tour Extreme club grips are available now at a RRP of £14.99. For more information on the club grips and all other SuperStroke models, please visit

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