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Powerbug’s Mini Lithium Battery: The Lightweight Bundle That Packs a Heavyweight Punch

10.14am 26th May 2015 - New Products

Powerbug’s Mini Lithium Battery
Powerbug’s Mini Lithium Battery

PowerBug, one of Europe’s leading golf trolley manufacturers, has built its reputation on enviable pricing, innovative and well-built products, excellent customer service, an industry-leading 5-year warranty and a lightweight lithium battery that is big on performance.

Windsor-based PowerBug has quickly evolved into one of Europe’s biggest electric golf trolley suppliers by volume despite only being in the market for little over a decade. The brand’s burgeoning reputation has been built on innovative designs and rugged build quality, resulting in many happy and loyal customers. Both retailers and customers have been left hugely impressed by PowerBug’s pricing, reliability, design quality, customer support and industry-leading 5-year warranty programme.

That incredible 5-year limited warranty applies not only to its various UltraV and ProTour electric trolley models but also to the amazingly compact but incredibly powerful Mini Lithium battery used in the lithium-powered models – an exceptional little package that is setting new standards in electric trolley battery performance. One of the bugbears within this sector has long been the sheer size and weight of the batteries required to power electric trolleys, along with issues relating to how long they hold their charge, especially when faced with testing workouts over the hilliest of courses.

PowerBug’s Mini Lithium battery addresses all these concerns and issues head on to deliver performance levels that are truly impressive, relative to size and weight. It tips the scales at under 1kg – the very lightest electric trolley battery on the market – and measures a mere 130 x 90 x 80mm meaning that golfers with bad backs, or those who have trouble lifting, will have no problem handling and transporting it. But these unprecedented size and weight dimensions do not come at the cost of performance, with PowerBug guaranteeing that its Mini Lithium battery will last 27 holes and confident that even 36 holes can be realistically achieved from a single charge. So there’s no longer any need for golfers to own multiple batteries and adopt complex charging regimes from day to day, or even round to round.

The reason for such impressive performance is that PowerBug has been able to negotiate access to the finest lithium cells and assembly techniques on the market – products and processes that are usually the reserve of the most prestigious German car manufacturers. Completing the impressive package is PowerBug’s ‘Battery Shield’, designed to make the Mini Lithium battery virtually waterproof thanks to its vacuum-encapsulated cells, as well as highly resistant to impact due to its protective nylon cage.

And, of course, that 5-year warranty brings complete peace of mind, for while other brands will typically offer two years of full cover, with a sliding scale discount scheme beyond that, PowerBug turns those figures on their heads by providing an industry-leading three years of full cover – 50% more than other brands – then a two-year discount scheme beyond that.


Mini Lithium Battery & Charger RRP £250

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