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New Terafirm™ Granular from Headland Amenity

12.41pm 20th January 2021 - New Products

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Headland Amenity have announced the introduction of a new granular version of their popular penetrant wetter Terafirm™. Suitable for use in all fine and coarse turf situations, the Terafirm™ range improves the downward movement of water through the soil profile, helping to achieve a firmer playing surface.

Terafirm™ is a non-phytotoxic soil penetrant, which works by reducing the surface tension of water to facilitate accelerated water movement and drainage. As a result, Terafirm™ also acts to speed up surface drying and open up pore space within the soil profile during dry down by improving natural soil contraction.

The launch of Terafirm™ granular, in addition to the existing liquid formulation, means it can now be applied in even more areas and in different conditions than was previously the case. Terafirm™ Granular is easy to spread on bunker edges, slopes, or other areas where access with a sprayer is difficult. Containing the same active ingredient as in liquid Terafirm™, use of the granular product is an effective alternative to spraying.

Although no chemical penetrant can, in itself, alter the physical properties of soil that determine drainage rates, Terafirm™ will help get the water out as quickly as the physical properties of the soil allow. Applications of Terafirm™ can be made on a monthly or more frequent basis, most-effectively before the onset of seasonal periods of heavy moisture. As a spot treatment on wet areas, Terafirm™ can be applied at two-week intervals until the excessive moisture conditions subside. 

Regular use of Terafirm™ offers the turf professional an effective tool to help maintain drier soil surface conditions, helping to reduce puddling and anaerobic conditions, and producing a faster-draining, drier and healthier sward.

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