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New Superstroke grip Delivers More Tour Success

1.43pm 6th June 2014 - New Products

Superstroke Grip screengrabSuperStroke, the fastest-growing putter grip on Tour with more than $100 million won in prize money, has helped deliver more success after responding to demand from some of the world’s top golfers for a new mid-sized grip.

The latest size in the SuperStroke line-up, the Mid Slim 2.0,originated from Tour players requesting a grip size between the standard-sized Ultra Slim 1.0 and the Tour-favourite Slim 3.0. With a diameter of 1.20”, the 50gMid Slim grip has proved an instant hit, helping a Senior golfer take his first-ever Major Championship and increasing the total number of players on Tour using SuperStroke patented technology to 125.

“Demand for the Mid Slim 2.0 grip is increasing at each Tour event and the global presence is having a positive effect on our sales,” said Tony Fletcher, Head of Sales for SuperStroke in Europe. “The big attraction is that any golfer – regardless of ability or stature – can benefit from a SuperStroke grip.

“Every grip in the SuperStroke range features parallel technology that evens pressure in both hands and eliminates tension in the wrist to help produce a smooth, pendulum-like putting stroke,” added Fletcher. “The beauty of the Mid Slim 2.0 is that it suits a lot of golfers who’re looking for that size between the existing Ultra Slim 1.0 and Slim 3.0 grip diameters.”

As with the nine other SuperStroke grips available across Europe, the Mid Slim 2.0 model features a lightweight foam underneath a high-tech PU material with Cross Traction technology for improved feel and grip.

The USGA-approved Mid Slim 2.0 grip comes in a 10.50” length and is available in Black, Blue, Red, Orange, Lime, Pink, Black/Red, Silver/White and Black/White colour options. It has a RRP of £29.99.

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