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New Jacobsen MP Series Batwing Rotary mower

12.44pm 30th January 2015 - New Products

The new Jacobsen MP493 wide area rotary mower
The new Jacobsen MP493 wide area rotary mower

Ransomes Jacobsen, the UK manufacturer of commercial mowing equipment, has a launched the Jacobsen MP493 and MP653 batwing rotary mowers, which are ideal for maintaining large areas of semi-rough and rough on golf courses.

The two wide area rotary mowers are powered by rugged and reliable 49hp and 65hp Kubota diesel engines respectively and feature three all new rotary decks – one out-front and two wing decks.

Jacobsen MP493

The lightest mower in its class due to its ground up design and use of high strength steel, the Jacobsen MP493 will benefit from significant fuel savings as a result of its reduced weight. The direct injection 49hp Kubota Diesel engine complies with European Stage IIIA emission regulations thereby avoiding complex emission controls. Its mechanical over hydraulic transmission system and electronic lift lower controls makes this a practical, high performing mower that will keep running costs down.

Maintenance free direct drive decks offer a choice of width of cut options for the highest productivity in all environments. Manufactured from high strength steel, these new decks feature direct hydraulic drive to each rotary blade. A 150 mm break-back system on the wing decks help prevent damage, if contact is made with an obstacle. All wearing parts on the decks bolt to the framework and are easily replaceable should they become damaged or worn.

Wing decks come in three sizes, giving class-leading cutting width options of 3.0, 3.3 and 3.5 metres (MP653 only) with height of cut ranging from 25mm – 120mm. With the wing decks folded the transport width is just 1.65 metres making these new mowers highly manoeuvrable in tight spaces. The front deck can be lifted to a service position giving excellent access for blade maintenance.

The decks are fully supported in transport mode utilising a fail-safe hydraulic lock and transfer less load to the machine when travelling at high speed over rough terrain. An added safety advantage when the decks are folded is that they are located behind the operator’s sideways line of sight, providing enhanced vision for hazard recognition and avoidance. Regular maintenance is kept to a minimum with a reduced the number of greasing points and regular service items can be accessed with ease.

All round visibility from the ISO-mounted operator’s platform is excellent with positive sight lines to each deck and a comfortable suspension seat ensures long days of productive mowing. A foldable ROPS keeps the operator safe and allows manoeuvrability in low access areas such as trees and height restricted access points. Semi-pneumatic caster wheels are virtually maintenance free, will not puncture and ensure that the correct height of cut is maintained.

The intelligent Plus 1 controller provides convenient safety features including electronic deck locks and the option for TST for safe slope monitoring. The individual deck lift and lower controls and weight transfer button are located on the armrest with the remaining controls and information screen, providing real-time feedback plus diagnostic and regular servicing information, located in a removable console on top of the fuel tank. A tilt adjustable steering wheel completes the operator platform.

Jacobsen’s Suretrac 4-wheel drive control system ensures superior traction when climbing or cutting side slopes and 4-wheel drive in reverse, provides surefootedness when reversing uphill.

Jacobsen MP653

This more powerful 65hp version of the MP has the latest European Stage IIIB turbo-charged common rail diesel engine which results in cleaner running and the ability to use advanced electronics for more precise control; it also has enough residual power to support a fully air-conditioned cab.

Using its electronic over hydraulic drive system, the advanced controller facilitates ‘drive-by-wire’ and cruise control as well as allowing the mowing speed and transport speeds to be adjusted and set using a password code; a crossover from the technology first introduced on our Eclipse riding greens mower. The controller has enhanced engine diagnostic features which can be obtained without the need of a laptop.

There are three selectable drive modes on the MP653 – Automatic, Manual and Creep. In Automatic mode a fuel saving system activates when the machine come to a stop; it automatically idles the engine reducing fuel consumption. There’s also an electronic interface which maintains the quality of cut when the engine is under maximum load.

In Manual mode all of the automatic functions are disabled and the mower reacts and drives like a standard mechanical over hydraulic drive machine. The Creep mode disables the cutting units and limits the transport speed to 8 km/h, ideal for manoeuvring in tight areas such as workshops and loading ramps.

Lee Kristensen, Ransomes Jacobsen’s Product Manager said, “We have designed the MP series for both productivity and practicality. Tackling productivity on all fronts, making the most of the available power to allow wider widths of cut in difficult conditions, has resulted in a highly manoeuvrable mower that can go places others can’t. We have also engineered in simpler servicing and less down time through easily replaceable wear parts. Practicality has been worked into many features making the MP series as easy to work on as it is to operate, introducing technology that works with operators and supervisors for safe productive days of mowing.  Additionally the range available within the series ensures there is an option to suit all budgets and working conditions.”

Ransomes Jacobsen

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