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Mercedes team up with Garia and unveil a golf car at The Open

Story published at 13:50, Friday, July 15th, 2016

Mercedes Garia

Mercedes Garia

On Tuesday July 12th Mercedes-Benz launched their first ever golf car – made in collaboration with Garia.

The vehicle was unveiled at a press conference hosted by Mercedes-Benz at The Open in Scotland. The press conference was broadcast live to a worldwide audience via social media channels.

As the oldest car manufacturer in the world Mercedes-Benz is a known icon within the vehicle industry and the Mercedes brand is respected for design, quality and reliability.

Besides being a vehicle manufacturer Mercedes-Benz is also a mobility solutions provider, and as of now Mercedes-Benz can also provide mobility on the fairway.

The collaboration is a ‘win-win’. Garia is known as a manufacturer of high end luxury golf cars, and by teaming up with Mercedes Garia will provide small electric vehicle manufacturing knowhow, and at the same time Garia will benefit from the brand recognition and the heritage of Mercedes-Benz.

A website dedicated to the new Mercedes-Benz Style Garia has been created at

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