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Garia Golf Car inspired by Mercedes-Benz Style: a New Class Of Transport For Golf

12.53pm 29th March 2018 - New Products

In the summer of 2016, Garia and Mercedes-Benz Style presented the show car ‘Mercedes-Benz Style Edition Garia Golf Car’. The partnership was established to revive the traditional golf cart; referring to it as a ‘real sports car’ for golf course.

The luxurious vehicle was created in response to the lack of progression in the golf cart industry. While golf has evolved into a premium sport with a modern front, the transportation has not been designed to meet the needs of every golfer. Using modern technology, the Garia Golf Car Inspired by Mercedes-Benz Style has been tailored to current developments in the golf scene while also keeping in mind what golfers desire in a golf cart.

The Garia Golf Car Inspired by Mercedes-Benz Style blends the best of three worlds: classic golf sport, pure luxury and world-leading technology. The golf car is athletic, but comfortable and unlike the common golf cart, more car-like.

Some of the most luxurious feature include:

The Garia Golf Car Inspired by Mercedes-Benz Style also dominates in technological advancements. Many features are controlled by the onboard touchpad with a 10.1 inch car style outdoor touch screen. Integrated WiFi connects the car via smartphone or local WiFi making it possible for passengers to browse online platforms directly on the touchscreen. Some drive functions that can be controlled at the swipe of a finger include:

Music can also be streamed hands-free through the car’s speakers using the integrated Bluetooth connection.

The Garia Golf Car Inspired by Mercedes-Benz Style has suspension technologies highly advanced for a golf cart, which allows a uniquely smooth drive both on the golf course and community roads. Other features that ensure cruising comfort include:

The premium golf car is now available as a limited edition release and available for pre-order at


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