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Rave Review for Cold Ashby Golf Club Book

11.56pm 18th April 2017 - Media - This story was updated on Wednesday, April 19th, 2017

Graham Jones
Graham Jones

English golfing author Graham Jones has been compared to James Bond creator, Ian Fleming in an independent review of his latest book: Pin High. (The full review appears below)

Writing in the magazine of the New York Metropolitan Golf Association, book reviewer Les Schupak says that the book captures the reader’s attention right from the start and that the plot, which centres on a secret potion that offers exceptional and consistent muscle memory, but with unfortunate side-effects, conjures up images of an Ian Fleming or Robert Ludlum best seller. The excitement mounts as two multi – national pharma companies compete to obtain the formula from the deceased inventor’s widow.

This is the third book written by Graham and all three can be read and enjoyed by anyone. However, his unique twist is to give them a golfing backdrop. In the case of Pin High the story was based on an idea given to him by the owner of Cold Ashby Golf Club, David Croxton. Schupak’s comment is that this backdrop has substantial accuracy and provides a glimpse into the culture of the European Tour.

“It’s a great review”, said Graham, “and completely independent and unsolicited. The fact that the magazine has a distribution list of over a quarter of a million people in the New York area makes it all the more exciting and we look forward to dispatching more copies across the Atlantic Ocean.”

Graham Jones is a member of Cold Ashby Golf Club, Northants, lives in the village, and has also written: The Trophy Wife and Winter Rules. Both are available on

Copies of Pin High, as a paperback or in kindle version, are available on

or directly from Cold Ashby Golf Club [Tel: + 44 (0)1604 740548] at the special price of £5.

Cold Ashby Golf Club


Pin High (reviewed by Les Schupak for The Metropolitan Golf Association)

Pin High Front CoverFrom across the pond comes a gripping mystery thriller with a creditable golf based theme sure to register with those who fancy twists and turns coming virtually every other chapter. “Pin High “, written by English author Graham Jones, captures the reader’s attention from the get-go.

The plot centres on a secret liquid potion that offers exceptional and consistent  muscle memory – and as a side effect daunting sexual potency. Conjuring up images of an Ian Fleming or Robert Ludlum best seller, two multi- national pharma companies compete to obtain and control the formula from the deceased inventor’s widow, while a secret UK government agency works to ensure it lands in safe hands.

The widow, recognising a moneymaking opportunity, enlists a team of journeymen golfers toiling on the European Tour to be her guinea pigs. The CEO of the European Tour becomes suspicious and, as he investigates, he becomes embroiled with a number of ruthless and merciless characters. There is much double dealing, treachery, and betrayal, and some vividly described sex scenes and brutality as well. The author deftly builds the suspense to a point where the game’s integrity is in question, and the book’s characters must make serious ethical and moral decisions.

The golf backdrop has substantial accuracy, and provides a glimpse into the idiosyncrasies and culture of the European Tour and its tournament practices and procedures. The Author based the story on an idea presented to him by a friend, David Croxton, an English Golf course owner and manager, and has crafted an impressive read for golfers on both sides of the Atlantic.

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