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PGAE Partners Come Together for 2016 Business Club

1.11pm 13th May 2016 - Management Topics

PGAs of Europe - 2016 Business Club
PGAs of Europe – 2016 Business Club

Representatives from the PGAs of Europe’s Corporate Partners came together in May for the 2016 Business Club seeking to gain feedback, discuss ideas and share commercial and collaborative opportunities between the family of partners themselves as well.

Following on from the successful Business Club in 2015, this year’s event returned after the hugely positive response from the Association’s Corporate Partners about the chance to meet with the rest of the Partners that support the PGAs of Europe so well.

Among the topics discussed were ways in which Partners could communicate further with Member PGAs, opportunities for Partners to get involved with PGAs of Europe initiatives and activities, various cross-partner collaborations, along with ways for the Association to share more practical and actionable data from across its membership with Partners.

“It was a great opportunity to build up relations and meet with the other Partners,” said Oliver Stockhecke, International VIP Management and Sales, BMW Group.  “The discussions were really fruitful and it shows the new activities the PGAs of Europe are doing are really valuable.”

“It was a really good session…to get an update on everything the PGAs of Europe is doing and the direction it’s going,” added Chief Executive, Andrew Stanley.  “I’ve definitely come away with a few ideas…and it’s been a really useful day.”

“This year’s Business Club really came as a result of popular demand from our Corporate Partners,” said PGAs of Europe Chief Executive, Ian Randell. “It is proving to be a very useful way of gaining feedback and ideas from Partners, but also getting them to interact between themselves in a way that is perhaps not easily achieved ordinarily.

“Providing Partners with the opportunity to visit the Headquarters and interact with our team is also extremely beneficial. Along with time spent at dinner and during our Partner golf day at Little Aston Golf Club, the Business Club continues to provide invaluable time for both formal and informal discussions around our partnerships.”

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