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Last orders for Ocean Tee’s club initiative

1.59pm 25th February 2020 - Innovation Centre

OCEAN TEE, the golf industry’s only provider of sustainable tee solutions, has been delighted by the response to its industry first crowd initiative.  Royal North Devon were the first club to come on board, quickly followed by Prince’s Golf Club, Lahinch Golf Club and Hallamshire Golf Club to name but a few.  The Crowd closes on March 2, so there’s still time to put your venue on the map as a pioneer in promoting plastic-free fairways.

With just a few days left to go, Ed Sandison, founder of OCEAN TEE, is excited to see how many more come onboard. He said: “OCEAN TEE has always been about more than selling tees. We want to start conversations around sustainability and marine conservation using golf and the crowd initiative has certainly got people talking. So many of the enquiries that we have had have led us into really interesting, bigger conversations. There is still time to sign up, and we are hoping that recent pictures of plastic washed up on beaches during the storms will act as a prompt for golfers and golf clubs to stop using plastic tees by joining this crowd initiative.”

The OCEAN TEE Crowd initiative is combining the buying power golf clubs across the UK to make it easy and cost effective for members and guests to stop using plastic tees on their courses.  There is still time for clubs to get involved by pooling their resources to dramatically reduce the price of the brand’s premium, durable and sustainable bamboo tees, allowing clubs to make a statement about their commitment to the environment.

For just £850, clubs have the option to choose between 100,000 70mm (standard long length) bamboo tees, delivered loose in 10 hessian sacks, which can be offered as complimentary gifts to members/guests. Or, to purchase 560 x OCEAN TEE bamboo matchbox units, each containing 40 tees, which come ready to sell in shelf-ready packaging units. Based on an RRP of £3.99, this offers a margin of over 50% to the retailer. With 25% of all OCEAN TEE profits going to charity, signing up to be one of the clubs in this innovative environmental offer will make double the positive impact. 

The decision to switch to non-plastic tees has been supported across the entire business at Royal North Devon. As Mike Wilson, Head Professional at the club explains. “Every small step that golf clubs can make is really significant,” he said. “If we can do anything to reduce the amount of plastic that ends up in our ecosystem, no matter how small it has to be a good thing.  Getting rid of plastic tees is a small step in the right direction but a necessary one.”

For more details, visit OCEAN TEE’s website or email to sign up.

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