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Golf Holding Company Acquires Diverse Golf Companies

2.10pm 27th March 2015 - Corporate

GolfSwitch website
GolfSwitch website

CEO led management purchase and consolidation of relevant golf businesses has created one of the largest and fastest growing golf ecosystems in the industry. G2 – Golf Innovation Labs LLC, led by CEO John Fechter, and powered by prominent hi-tech investors and influential partners in the golf industry, assumed management control effective January, 2015. The goal of the new group is to capitalize on the marketing and growth synergies across the platform. Additionally the new company will invest in both traditional and emerging digital businesses and products that complement its brands and distribution channels.

“We are evaluating all the synergies between the companies over the next 90 days as well as continuing to scan the landscape for more acquisition or investment opportunities”, said John Fechter. “We have invested heavily in the digital golf space over the past 24 months, and look forward to building a combined innovative vision to support the overall growth of the game, for consumers and operators alike.”

Entities acquired include; Golf Experiences LLC, which focuses on golf travel experiences, golf instruction and dynamic golf marketing; OpenTee, an innovative new direct to consumer tee time reservation system that is in beta testing; GolfSwitch, a pioneer in the tee time sales space, provides patented interface-technology which gives course operators the ability to present their tee time inventory across GolfSwitch’s network of resellers. GolfSwitch generates more than $50 million in tee time transactions annually; and GolfSwitch International which integrates with over 1,200 direct golf course relationships.

Fechter addressed his new collaborative management team with a strong message “this union of companies combines proven effective technology with one of the industry’s largest digital engineering teams, dynamic marketing strategies with massive channels of distribution and one of the world’s largest opt-in email database. With our dedicated focus, growth capital and this team’s collective intellectual property, we expect to continue to experience rapid growth of our eco-system.”

Jo Maes, Managing Director International of GolfSwitch – OpenTee – Golfhub, told, “As Managing Director of GolfSwitch International and responsible for the EMEA development of GolfSwitch / OpenTee, I obviously welcome the management buy out as it refocusses the vision of the company to do good for the golf industry. As part of ClubHoldings we were very much descending in a corporate millstream whereby the focus would have been more on share holder benefit rather than golf benefit.

“The new entity is much more performance driven and provides good news for all courses in the International environment as we can now align all the different brands to bring real value and performance to courses already connected to the GolfSwitch network.”



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