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Club Car Increase Number of Tour Trucks

12.50am 26th March 2010 - Corporate - This story was updated on Monday, April 26th, 2010

New Club Car truck

For many years Club Car, leaders in golf vehicle efficiency and performance, has been the Official Golf Car of the European Tour. This year sees additions to the Tour trucks used to transport the vehicles to and from each event, increasing the profile to the public.

Although it may not be obvious to the thousands of spectators and TV viewers around the world, there is an entire fleet of Club Car vehicles in constant use at each and every European Tour event.  These vehicles are essential to the creation and smooth running of each tournament, and without them the millions of golf fans who tune in each week would not be able to enjoy live coverage in the comfort of their own homes.

“We’re delighted to continue our commitment to the European Tour,” said Roberto Gorostiaga, Director of Marketing & Sales for Club Car. “Our association with the Tour provides a highly visible and prestigious platform for Club Car to showcase a wide range of products, build relationships and enhance the brand around the world.”

The Club Car entourage covers the European Tour’s needs for staging, television and rules cars.  Every car supplied by Club Car is designed to fit a specific purpose and it takes 2 double-decker 28 ton trucks to transport the cars around from venue to venue. An additional double-decker truck and standard truck have been added this year to cope with the demands. The standard truck will be used for events where there are height restrictions on the surrounding roads.

The new trucks were built and owned by Tractor Hire Ltd, Club Car’s distributor in Wales and supplier to Celtic Manor, the 2010 Ryder Cup venue. Chris Hopkins of Tractor Hire Ltd commented, “As ever we are pleased to be working with Club Car and supporting the involvement with the European Tour where Club Car continues to play such a vital role. The new trucks have been designed with a Ryder Cup focus to maximize the exposure both for Club Car, our company and the event coming to Wales.”

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