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Warm Up Routine Of A Champion

4.04pm 26th April 2019 - Opinion

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Tiger Woods is a creature of habit. And, with winning his 5th Masters it’s obvious that whatever he is doing is working, writes Alyssa Lamp of Power Tee. 

Woods told CBS, “If I’m teeing off about 9:30ish, I’ll probably wake up around 4:00, maybe 3:45, start the process of getting this body ready, getting going, and getting after it.”

So what exactly does Tiger work on once he gets to the range before a match? Find out below and see how Power Tee can be added to help your practice!

Once he starts working on his range practice, Tiger first focuses on his sand wedge, then he focuses on his 8 iron, 4 iron, 5 wood, 3 wood, driver, pitching wedge, then sand wedge again and finally, back to driver shots.

Following Tiger’s warm-up routine can be simple on Power Tee.

Golfers choose Power Tee because it offers two top quality mats. When using Power Tee, there are no external environmental influences on your swing, everything is down to you.

Golfers also find the 40 different automated tee heights to be a major help on Power Tee. They find themselves less fatigued and are able to stay refreshed before their round. With the automated tee heights, golfers are also able to hit a shot, assess the result, make any small adjustments required, making sure they are getting the most out of their limited practice time.

With Tiger’s pre-round warm-up, he doesn’t have leisure time. Once he is on the course, it’s down to business. Power Tee takes away those practice barriers; ensuring golfers will get better at golf quicker than ever before.

Top picture: courtesy of Washington Post

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