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New Yamaha UMX light utility vehicle: Built for work

2.49pm 7th February 2018 - New Products

Yamaha is one of the most trusted and respected brands in the Golf Car segment thanks to the advanced engineering and desire to reply to every market need. The company’s line-up includes a wide range of models aimed at different segments of the market.

From the hard working YTF2 and Super Hauler Utility models through to the stylish Drive2 Golf Cars and the Concierge Personal Transportation vehicles, Yamaha offers a diverse range of golf cars and utility vehicles.

As part of its constant push for innovation and evolution, the company is focusing on diversifying and expanding its line-up in the Utility vehicle segment. While the successful range of ATV models satisfies the requirements of the more extreme off-road user, the growing selection of golf car utility vehicles is designed to handle an array of tasks in commercial, industrial, agricultural and leisure environments.

Yamaha Utility vehicles offer the versatility, user-friendliness and durability that professional operators require, and are designed to handle everything from site maintenance duties and light farming through to gardening and housekeeping chores.

These practical Utility models are also perfectly suitable for golf course use – and their high wheels, spacious cargo beds and robust construction give increased functionality and improved light off-road capability, making them an effective and productive addition to any workforce.

New Yamaha UMX: Helping you to get the job done

Available in both 400cc petrol and 5.0kW electric versions, the new Yamaha UMX is the answer that many industry professionals have been waiting for. UMX is a strong, stylish and compact utility vehicle that is equipped to transport two people and their cargo quickly and effortlessly around farms, parks, factories and airports.

Its rugged design enables the UMX to be driven over a variety of road and non-extreme off-road terrain to give access to all areas, both indoor and outside – and the smart suspension and two separate seats ensure a comfortable and confident ride.

Equipped with a large rear cargo bed and convenient front storage compartment, the UMX is an asset to any business – and with its easy to use controls and ergonomic design, this new Yamaha utility vehicle ensures that every member of the workforce gets the job done more efficiently.

Expanded storage options

The spacious aluminium cargo bed measures 104.6 cm long x 116.6 cm wide x 30.2 cm deep, making the UMX a valuable partner that has the potential to increase the productivity of your personnel – and for easy operation there’s a one-touch tailgate, giving instant access to tools, equipment or supplies.

Featuring a one-touch opening mechanism, the front storage box gives 29 litres of useful carrying space – and the weather proof design makes it ideal for transporting electric tools or personal belongings.

Comfort and convenience

For superior driving comfort the UMX features two individual bucket seats with armrests, as well as a convenient centre console – and the doorless open-sided body makes getting in and out of this light utility vehicle quick and easy.

A versatile choice

The UMX comes with a choice of a quiet and economical 400cc EFI single cylinder petrol engine, or a virtually silent running, zero emission 5.0kW electric motor that’s suitable for indoor use. By getting on with its job without disturbing guests or customers, this Yamaha light utility vehicle is suitable for almost any workspace.

Trusted Yamaha quality

The UMX’s durable bodywork is designed to withstand the wear and tear associated with intensive use – and you can be sure that it will still look good at the end of the working week.

Designed for off-road use

A durable skid plate gives the UMX user the ability to operate this new light utility vehicle on a variety of non-extreme off-road terrain, making it a truly versatile asset.

Easy to use and operate

One of the key features of the UMX is that it’s so simple to use. With fully automatic transmission and intuitive controls, this is a very easy and enjoyable vehicle to drive.

Yamaha UMX Key Features

Genuine Yamaha Accessories

A range of Genuine Yamaha Accessories is being developed for the UMX, and will be launched following the vehicle’s arrival in the marketplace from June 2018 onwards.

It will include a Class 2 trailer hitch with a 50mm tow ball, and a quickly detachable receiver that can be mounted or dismounted in seconds.

Price and availability

The Yamaha UMX will be available at Yamaha dealers starting in June 2018. For more detailed information and the local price contact Dan Palmer, Manager, Golf Cars New Business Division +44(0)7768 436529

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