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LitePower Launches New Lithium Batteries

1.46pm 2nd August 2016 - New Products

LitePower Lithium batteriesLitePower, the leading Lithium battery replacement brand owned by Motocaddy, has launched two new look lightweight and longer lasting batteries for 2016, each offering greater compatibility across a wider range of electric trolleys on the market.

The introduction of the two models provides a larger number of powered trolley owners with three discharging options (Interconnect, Torberry or Eyelet), thereby reducing the need for additional conversion cables.

Available in Standard (2.1kg) and Extended (2.9kg) range capacity options, the new LitePower Lithium batteries are 75% lighter than Lead-acid equivalents. Compact and designed to fit any mainstream trolley through a universal connection system, the batteries also come with a new specially-developed Torberry charging unit that fully charges from empty in less than five hours and is also compatible with Motocaddy Lithium models.

The new LitePower range includes an upgraded solid brass connection system offering superior conductivity, in addition to an upgraded battery management system which continually optimises performance to maximise its life. As a result, its lifetime is at least five-times longer than a standard Lead-acid battery and will retain its capacity even longer than previous LitePower models.

Both the Standard and Extended batteries utilise top quality Lithium Phosphate (LiFePO4), which offers the most reliable, long-lasting and safest form of Lithium in the golf trolley sector.

“The new LitePower batteries offer golfers unrivalled performance when it comes to replacing their existing power system,” said Motocaddy Managing Director Tony Webb.

“Over the last five years, Lithium has come to dominate the electric trolley sector and LitePower has played a significant part in its growth. In producing a cost-effective and reliable alternative to Lead-acid for any electric trolley model on the market, it has enabled golfers to make the transition more quickly,” he added.

The new Standard LitePower Lithium battery has a RRP of £199.99 and the Extended model £249.99. Both batteries come with a market-leading five-year limited warranty*.

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