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12.07am 24th April 2013 - New Products

Belrobotics Big Mow & Ball Picker
Belrobotics Big Mow & Ball Picker

B.O.P Europe Ltd, the home of True Strike Golf Mats and True Tee Ball Automation, are pleased to introduce Belrobotics range of autonomous robot lawn mowers the Big Mow and Parc Mow and robot ball collector the Ball Picker.

The Ballpicker provides constant ball supply by tirelessly and silently, collecting golf balls without cutting, plugging or damaging the ball. The system even washes and delivers clean balls back to the dispenser. Meanwhile the Bigmow simultaneously cuts the driving range, lifting the balls away from the cutting heads to keep them intact. Its mulching technique means there is no green waste to dispose of, just a permanently beautiful outfield all year round.

The latest technology in range outfield maintenance and ball collection, this pioneering automated duo is maintained without human effort or even interrupting the players’ practice. Diligently working across the whole of the outfield the robots equipped with sonar and a safety bumper, allowing it to slow down and avoid obstacles.

Not only are they unobtrusive, silent and pollution-free, they work 24 hours a day, with no sick days and with no human intervention, potentially providing golf facilities savings of up to 50% on maintenance costs per annum.

“We are confident that this distribution partnership will revolutionise golf facility maintenance and management across the UK. The Ballpicker and Bigmow are indeed an ideal solution for any modern golf facility, providing healthier outfields and constant ball supply, with no human intervention required, thus reducing labour overhead, noise and carbon emissions.“ Philip Sear CEO B.O.P Europe Ltd

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