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Asia’s Golf Power List Set to Grow

11.02am 27th July 2015 - Media

James Prusa, the executive in charge
James Prusa, the executive in charge

The list of the ‘Most Powerful People In Golf In Asia’ enters its third year with a clear vision to grow the programme.

This ‘power list’ aims to be an official catalogue of the “Who’s Who” of golf’s most influential and powerful men and women in golf in the Asia Pacific region.

Initially launched in 2013 by Golf Inc. the influential North American magazine on the business of golf, with effect from 2015, the list will be jointly produced and published by the Asia Pacific Golf Group (APGG) and Golf Inc.

“This is a perfect fit with the Asian Golf Awards which is without a doubt, an unmatched recognition programme that is held in very high esteem both in the region and globally,” declared Angela Raymond, president of the APGG.

“This is a significant collaboration because it brings together two publishers who have been committed to identifying the people most important in helping to grow the game of golf on a global scale,” said Jack Crittenden, editor-in-chief of Golf Inc.

Spearheading the thrust of this programme in Asia will be APGG as it is on the ground in the region and possesses the best knowledge of who the movers and shakers of the golf industry are.

Commenting on the collaboration, James Prusa, who will be the executive in charge of leading this programme said, “I am delighted that the programme that I worked hard on bringing to Asia has now grown to take on new dimensions and there has never been a better time to recognize and acknowledge the vision and effort of a select group of men and women who are drawing on their resources to grow the golf industry in the Asia Pacific.”

According to Prusa both APGG and Golf Inc. will be looking at expanding the list in 2015 to focus the spotlight on a wider and more cross-sectional representation of industry leaders for the power list.

Among the leaders are chief executive officers of large Asian multi-national corporations, property developers, golf course owners and golf media owners.

“The leaders will be decided upon by an independent panel of judges who will select the candidates based on their respective roles and contributions to the golf industry in the region,” Prusa explained. He went on to add that the search will cover the entire Asia Pacific region and the 2015 programme will also include Australia and New Zealand.

The final list will be published both in the Asia Pacific region and North America in late September and those who make the list will be honoured during the Asian Golf Awards ceremony, which is golf’s version of the “Oscars” scheduled to be held in Singapore during the course of the 2015 Asia Pacific Golf Summit to be held on October 14-15.

“We are delighted and honoured to help show-case the powerful men and women who drive the multi-billion dollar golf club industry in the Asia Pacific and we are confident that this collaboration will grow from strength to strength in the years to come,” said Angela Raymond, president of APGG.


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