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The Revolution of Facebook Video for Golf Pros

2.27pm 26th April 2017 - Management Topics

Jay Kelly went from not knowing where his next client was coming from to launching his own academy and investing in Trackman in just 4 months
Jay Kelly went from not knowing where his next client was coming from to launching his own academy and investing in Trackman in just 4 months

Imagine going from moving to a new club, taking on your first role as a Head Pro at just 25 years of age and not knowing where your next client was coming from…

To creating so much awareness about your coaching services that you are having to schedule new clients 2-weeks in advance, giving you the confidence to invest in Trackman as well as launch your own Coaching Academy with 3 other coaches working for you…

In just 4 months.

This is the story of Jay Kelly. In the summer of 2016, Jay took his first Head Professional role at Redlibbets Golf Club in the County of Kent.

With his previous club a 40-minute drive away, in his own words Jay:

“Literally didn’t know anyone at Redlibbets when I started and so moving clubs was a completely fresh start for me”.

He needed to win new clients and fast to make ends meet.

how-jay-ipad-1In December of 2016, Jay signed up for the Golf Pro Marketers course, a 4-module online coaching course developed by Albatross Digital Golf and designed specifically with golf professionals and golf club managers needs and goals in mind.

The course teaches golf pros how to raise awareness of their coaching services online using Facebook video and Facebook Live, capture customer data and sell their services and packages the correct way whilst generating a proven return on their online marketing investment and efforts.

Since signing up for Golf Pro Marketers, Jay has collected over 400 new email leads, generated thousands of video views on Facebook and gone from not knowing where his next client was coming from, to generating over 50 new coaching clients and a 900% return on his investment into Facebook advertising.

This huge increase in new clients during the winter months has given Jay the confidence to invest in a Trackman launch monitor for his studio and launch the Jay Kelly Golf Academy with 3 other coaches operating under him.

His next goal is to create a coaching academy at Redlibbets unrivalled in the area and grow his business to 6-figures and beyond.

Jay says: “Since signing up for Golf Pro Marketers and launching my first campaign, the speed in which I started generating new clients was incredible. Between Christmas and New Year, I literally didn’t stop, so I was hoping for a quieter January, but that didn’t happen either.

“The vast majority of these new clients are serious golfers looking to dramatically lower their handicap. So because of these new clients I acquired over that 6 to 8-week period in December – February, it gave me the confidence to go out and invest in Trackman for my studio at Redlibbets.

“Now I’m launching my academy in May, the transformation from where I was just 6-months ago having just started my first ever head pro role at Redlibbets is quite astonishing to put it frankly.

“With well over 1000 page likes, I always thought I was pretty good at social media. But that was until I learnt how to use video advertising to target local golfers and get them through the door and in front of me.”

James Wilkinson, Albatross Digital Golf founder and creator of the ‘Golf Pro Marketers’ coaching course for golf pros and golf club managers, went on to say: “This is one of my proudest moments since launching Albatross Digital Golf.

“I’ve always wanted to help pros as I can see the benefits across the industry when people are constantly improving their game.

“However, financially a done-for-you service that we offer clubs has never really been financially viable which is why I decided to create Golf Pro Marketers. Whether you dabble in social media or are a complete beginner, the course is designed to take your knowledge to the next level and ultimately make sales.

“Jay was the first golf pro to take up the course and his ambition blows my mind. Every time we talk he’s growing his business to new levels that were just a dream when we first started working together in December last year.

“He has just hired 3 coaches to work with him so he can concentrate on working on his business, not in his business. I have zero doubt in my mind that Jay will build his academy to 6-figures and beyond and I’m excited to be part of his journey!”

To view a case study on how Jay achieved these incredible results which includes a 3-step Facebook video advertising strategy you can follow to implement exactly what Jay did to transform his coaching business, click the link below:

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