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PGA Members Invited To Medi8 Social

3.29pm 31st January 2020 - Management Topics

This February, Medi8 Golf is delivering two workshops to PGA Members giving fresh insights into how to maximise the impact of social media channels for both absolute beginners and more experienced users.  The two one day workshops, which are part of the Professional Golfers’ Association’s continual personal development (CPD) programme, will take place at PING House at The Belfry.

With digital and social media playing an increasingly important role in the promotion of golf clubs, PGA Professionals and the services they offer, the PGA has recognised the need to support their member’s development in this area.  Social Media experts Medi8 Golf have been called in to deliver a ‘Social Media for Beginners’ course for people just staring out using social media to promote their business, and a ‘Making the Most of your Social Media’ course for members who want to make their social channels work harder for their business.

Emma Ballard, Director of Digital at Medi8 who will be leading the course, manages multiple social media accounts and understands from her own experience that social media poses its own very specific challenges as she explains: “Social Media can feel daunting and like a burden, but it doesn’t need to be.  We help clients, including PGA Pros, devise strategies that will enable them to achieve their business goals in a simple cost-effective way.  Whether you are a complete beginner or someone who wants to increase the impact of the channels you already use we will show you how to get the most out of this medium for your business.”


Social Media for Beginners – Tuesday 25th February 2020: 10am-4pm

Baffled by social media?  This seminar is designed to bring you up to speed with the everything you need to know to give you the confidence to start promoting your business across the most frequently used social media platforms.

Making the Most of your Social Media – Wednesday 26th February 2020: 10am-4pm

In this seminar we will examine how you are currently using social media and help you make it work harder for you.  We will help you understand how you can improve your content, build your audience and take you through ideas that will help you decide how you can make social media a useful tool that will help you achieve your overall business objectives.

Any PGA Member interested in the workshops can book via email to the PGA Member Education Department or call 01675 470333 or call Medi8 on 01782 664856 for any questions.

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