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OnGolf Reduces Golf Course Operating Costs

1.33pm 25th September 2015 - Management Topics

ONGolf screengrabIn the United States OnGolf, the industry’s first cloud based decision platform to manage all golf course operations in one place, has helped their initial golf course customers reduce operating costs by over $700,000 in the first eight months of operation. Savings are seen through a variety of operational areas including labor, water, chemicals and nutrient management program changes. OnGolf offers a groundbreaking platform for superintendents, club managers and golf course owners to manage more efficiently and more effectively.

“Budgeting is one of the most critically important jobs that a superintendent, club manager or golf course owner performs every year,” said OnGolf Chief Executive Officer, Walt Norley. “Premier club courses with large operating budgets that operate at the highest level use OnGolf to assure budget efficiencies are met, courses with lower budgets that need to do more with less use OnGolf as way to reduce costs and allocate the dollars to other course or club needs. The common denominators for both are efficiently utilizing their respective budgets to improve the overall playing experience. We are excited to continue to expand our roster of subscribers with diverse budgets in equally diverse environments.”

Over the past eight months, OnGolf subscribers have adopted the practice of making decisions based on factual insights from their course data. They’ve seen this data transform into a critical guide for managing turf health, playing conditions and operating costs. Main features of the platform include water management, health indicators, playing conditions indicators and labor management. This management solution proved successful in overall savings over the past several months, just in time for budgeting for the 2016 season.

The first-ever OnGolf Innovator Special program subscribers included courses with a variety of budgetary constraints, as well as vastly diverse environmental factors and water and labor restrictions. With an initial roster of courses throughout the U.S., and Canada, OnGolf has proved its value and promise for a wide range of needs. The insights these superintendents gained are actively influencing their decisions moving forward, and specifically shedding light (and additional dollars) on budgets for the next fiscal year. The comprehensive platform allows everyone from superintendents, to managers, to board members and owners to understand where dollars are going – and where they are most needed when it comes to re-allocating budgets and leaving room for other line items to grow.



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