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12.13pm 12th September 2016 - Management Topics

congu-website-screengrabThe Board of CONGU® (Council of National Golf Unions) is very pleased to announce the launch of their new updated website.

Chairman, Jim McArthur commented: “This has been a long process with much thought being given particularly to the layout of the website and to how this would best serve our aims and objectives. We have set out to make the site simpler to use and to be more instructional for both players and club officials alike.

“There are many players who are quite happy to accept the handicap system as it is without wishing to know in detail how it works, but there are also those who have a desire to understand the handicapping system better, and have often criticised CONGU for not making it simpler to understand. Hopefully, the addition of the Quick Guides, and a complete online manual will help to address these criticisms, and we invite golfers and club officials alike to visit

CONGU (The Council of National Golf Unions)


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