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Junior Golf Coaching Courses Now Available With Promote Training

3.37pm 22nd March 2019 - Management Topics

Promote Training, the dedicated eLearning provider to the golf industry, have launched six modular courses focusing on coaching golf to children. Aimed at people who already teach golf to children, or those wanting to start, the courses have been written by three leading junior golf coaches with a vast experience in the topic. Neil Plimmer, Nevil Perryman-Best and Jonathan Shipstone have specialised in children’s golf for many years, with Neil and Nevil still actively involved through their coaching brand “JOLF”.

The courses tackle the subject from the perspective of the child and take an in depth look at how children learn, absorb information and engage in an activity. Delegates must complete all units within the courses, which include a number of self-marked “stop & think” exercises and a tutor-marked end-of-course assignment, in order to be awarded with their module-level certificate.

Commenting on the new courses, Matthew Orwin, Co-Founder of Promote Training, says: “Encouraging golf participation amongst children and young people is vital to the future prosperity of the golf industry. Very often that first introduction to the game is through a coach, so it’s hugely important that they understand how to effectively engage children in the sport.

You can’t take the same approach as coaching an adult – it requires a different set of skills and knowledge. These courses are the first we know of that focus exclusively on child golf education, which means they’re so important to that ultimate goal of engagement and life-long participation.”

To celebrate the launch of the courses with Promote Training, they are offering a 10% discount to all new enrolments before 31st March. Use the coupon code GBNJuniorGolf at checkout to apply the discount.

For more information on Promote Training’s library of golf-industry-specific eLearning courses visit, or continue reading to learn more about the junior golf coaching series.

“Coaching Golf to Children” – 6 hours of learning

The Coaching Golf to Children elearning course is a broad introduction to coaching golf to children. It is aimed at both people who are new to coaching children and experienced coaches who are looking for a new perspective on their coaching.

The course is also suitable for club junior organisers, PE teachers, and parents who are interested in learning more about current best practice.

“Children & Parents” – 4 hours of learning

This course is about children and parents – and what they want and need from golf coaching sessions.

In section 1 of the course they will be discuss what motivates children to participate in golf and how to foster this motivation. The module first looks at the difference between intrinsic and extrinsic motivation and the importance of fostering children’s intrinsic motivation in golf sessions. It then examines the often quoted three reasons children give to explain why they engage in sporting activity (fun, friends and learning) and what this means in practical terms for the coach.

Section 2 of the course focuses on parents. Coaching children brings with it a responsibility to interact with parents in a friendly, informative and caring manner for the good of the children and the growth of the coach’s own business. The module gives six key pieces of advice that will help the coach do this and involve parents in their children’s enjoyment and learning.

“Golf Skills & Techniques” – 6 hours of learning

This course explores children’s learning of golf skills and techniques. The first module discusses some of the key features of golf and suggests how the nature of the game influences what a coach does in her junior coaching sessions. The aim is to give children learning experiences which are as similar as possible to the way golf is played.

The second module defines what we mean by skills and techniques and explains why in a games-based approach to coaching children, sessions usually begin with skills objectives. It then discusses how a coach can help children learn and understand the techniques needed to play different shots. The module presents the information using the language that we have found children and parents can understand.

Module 3 looks at all the skills and knowledge that golfers need to manage themselves effectively on a golf course. These skills are particularly important for children to learn as soon as possible. A child who knows how to be safe, who can keep up with pace of play and who can manage his or her own equipment is much more likely to enjoy golf more, play better, and play more.

“Running Golf Coaching Sessions” – 8 hours of learning

This course looks at the practicalities of setting up and running golf coaching sessions for children. There are three modules.

A games-based approach to coaching children golf is described and explained in the first module. To give coaches who are keen to adopt this approach, the module suggests seven guiding questions to help coaches set up appropriate games for coaching sessions which are enjoyable and engaging as well as being valuable in terms of learning.

Module 2 looks at golf course play. It provides a framework which coaches can use to analyse and assess the value and suitability of the golf course playing experiences they are giving children, whether it be when building child-sized golf courses in school hall or on a field or when going out to play on a ‘real’ golf course.

In module 3, a coaching session is described from start to finish from the point of view of the coach. It includes the coach’s thoughts as well as his actions as he prepares, delivers, and reflects upon the session.

“Keeping Children Safe & Managing Behaviour” – 6 hours of learning

One of a coach’s main responsibilities is to keep each child safe. In fact, when children come to coaching sessions, or going on the golf course, the coach has a legal responsibility to make sure that they are both safe and feel safe, physically and emotionally.

Children’s safety and their opportunity for learning depend on the coach’s ability to establish high standards of behaviour for all children. The course has three modules.

“Recruit, Retain, Grow” – 6-hours of learning

There is a huge education market for children and young people in the UK and throughout the developed world. This means that there is the potential for golf coaches to earn good money from coaching children and young people. However, despite some excellent examples of good practice, many golf coaching programmes for children do not result in high participation rates and often have poor retention figures and disappointing returns.

A well-trained, skilled and motivated coach with the right business approach can generate long term, sustainable and meaningful revenues from coaching children and young people. This course demonstrates how this can be done. The first part of the course looks at how a coach assessed his own business and identified ways of improving his income. Then with reference to this case study the course presents guidance of procedures and practices that will be of practical use to any coach wishing to improve his or her business performance.

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