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English clubs are questioned

12.05am 23rd February 2004 - Management Topics

The English Golf Union and English Ladies‘ Golf Association have distributed the biennial Golf Club Membership Questionnaire to all 1,913 affiliated golf clubs. As part of their ongoing research strategy, this latest survey will question golf clubs on a variety of topics related to junior and adult issues, including memberships, fees, vacancies and waiting lists.
The main aims of the research are:

  1. To assess current membership structures within golf clubs in England

  2. To monitor membership trends within golf clubs in England over time

  3. To highlight the effect of current development initiatives

  4. To identify where resources are best focused in the future

Richard Flint, EGU golf development manager comments, “This research is key to aid our strategic planning and to focus resources in order to meet the needs of the game, golf clubs and individuals within it.”
It is hoped that the 2004 questionnaire will highlight the positive effect that current ‘Get into Golf‘ initiatives are having, in particular, the development of junior golf within the club environment and the accessibility and affordability of golf clubs.
A copy of the questionnaire is available on the EGU website and all results will be published later in the year and issued to every golf club.
For further information please contact: Richard Flint, EGU Golf Development Manager, Tel: 01526 354500 E-mail:

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