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Course Ranger Pace of Play Technology “is answer for Slow Play”

11.45pm 26th January 2017 - Management Topics - This story was updated on Friday, January 27th, 2017


Coutse Tanger logoCourse Ranger Tee imageFinally, an answer has arrived that may just offer a viable and affordable solution for golf clubs across the world who are affected by the issue of slow play. Course Ranger’s pace of play technology, powered by the Swatch Group, now offers a number answers to questions that golf clubs everywhere have been looking for. With its unique design and low running cost, the system will allow reduced round times and a better flow around the golf course.

The Course Ranger system has been officially launched at the 2017 PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, Florida, USA and is being well received across the international golfing community in attendance.

The concept behind Course Ranger system is simple – let the golfers know what their pace of play is like at each hole and let them adjust their pace before it becomes a real problem. The golf club manager will now be able to see who’s on their course, where they are and if assistance is needed by on course staff to speed them up. Course Ranger’s solar powered post and long life intelligent tag straps allows for minimum on course visual impact and disruption during installation. With no change to the input from the golfer, except to wear their member’s tags as usual, it will allow for easy integration with members as they renew their annual club membership subscription.

The system offers comprehensive live data analytics of what is happening on the course, how often people play, age group of who is playing etc. The Course Ranger APP allows for on course staff to monitor the positioning and pace of play of all groups. The system will allow for an increase in green fee revenues with the visible reduction on round times, while enhancing the golfers’ experience for both members and visitors to the club.

Slow play is now inherent in golf and is the main issue that poses a real threat to the future and sustainability of the game globally. It is a problem that not only affects the smooth operational running of tee times for members, but can also have a detrimental effect on the visitor experience, leaving a bad impression on a visiting golfer because of significant delays. In today’s competitive world it is not enough to present a beautifully designed course, in great condition, offering a real test of golf in a memorable location, the operational logistics of just how long it takes to play the course has become the number one problem for many golf clubs.

Leading figures from the governing bodies and world of golf have been vocal regarding the issue of Pace of Play. Martin Slumbers, Chief Executive of the R&A said: “There is no doubt that pace of play is a key issue for golf today and one on which many golfers have strong views.”

Glen Nager USGA President spoke out on the issue of pace of play highlighting its relevance to the future of the game -“Pace of play has been an issue for decades, but it has now become one of the most significant threats to the game’s health.”

Pace of play also has a significant negative affect for the life of a golfer off the course. With the round of golf taking much longer that originally intended and sometimes surpassing over five hours, the problem takes away valuable time from golfers who may already have heavy schedule pressures with work commitments, family commitments, travel and other factors. Mike Davis, USGA Executive Director said:-“Slow play is also incompatible with our modern society, in which our personal time for recreation is compressed. This is an issue that demands our complete attention.”

Irish entrepreneur and Chief Executive of Course Ranger Peter Dunlea from Killarney, Co. Kerry, Ireland is the man behind the company driving this groundbreaking new Pace of Play technology that offers the international golf industry an answer to solving the problem of slow play for golf clubs, members and visitors alike.

Speaking about the launch of Course Ranger Peter Dunlea said: “Our Course Ranger system is quick and easy to install for host golf clubs. With features that offer multiple pace of play settings all golf clubs will be able to find the correct round time that will allow all golfers flow through the golf course and enjoy the benefits that come from that.The visual aspect of the Course Ranger technology can easily integrate into a golf club surrounds, whether using the mini post or signal, the correct placement will have minimal impact on the presentation of the course. Customization of design is also available to protect and integrate with any golf club’s company brand and logo.

“The real business benefits for golf clubs with the Course Ranger system is clearly visible in availability of additional tee times, resulting in increased green fee revenue. The most significant benefits of all is the increased membership and visitor satisfaction which is greatly enhanced by the smooth running of play on the course. A happy customer means return business and a chance of more spend when in the club. For golf club management an important feature is the detailed statistical information that Course Ranger provides to golf clubs, allowing them to extract a wide range of data regarding their membership playing profile and the affect that certain course lay outs may have on pace of play, hole by hole.”

Course Ranger Pace of Play technology is available for a 12 month free trial which can be signed up on the Course Ranger Booth located at 3718 at the 2017 PGA Golf Merchandising Show, Orange County Convention Centre this week until Friday 27th January 2017.The 12 Month Free Trial allows golf clubs and their course management teams an opportunity to install and successfully use the Pace of Technology before committing.

Course Ranger Pace of Play

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