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Clubs warned over new fire regulations

12.10am 3rd November 2004 - Management Topics

Golf clubs across the UK are being urged not to penny pinch when it comes to new fire regulations soon to be introduced. Michael Shaw, National Secretary of the National Golf Clubs Advisory Association (NGCAA), explained, “All golf clubs need to have a fire certificate in order to operate. These have always been supplied free of charge by the local fire service but from January 2005, such certificates will no longer exist.
“Instead, clubs will become responsible for their own fire risk assessments. Most clubs will need to rely on the expertise of an external consultant to undertake a review and this could cost quite a lot of money depending on the size of the club.”
Although a system will be implemented to penalise clubs who fail to undertake assessments and implement suitable precautions, the NGCAA is concerned that many will flout their obligations.
“I‘m certain that many clubs won‘t want to pay for an assessment and will just carry on without commissioning a fire risk assessment,” continued Mr Shaw. “The harsh reality is that these clubs could be jeopardizing the health and safety of their members and guests in their bid to save a few pounds.”

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