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1PUTT Golf Proves Market For Alternative Golf Format With Successful Pilot Partnership

12.48pm 27th September 2019 - Management Topics

1PUTT is an alternative version of traditional golf with team game formats, larger holes, faster play, DJ’s and a party atmosphere. A successful partnership in 2019 increased golf club revenue by 21% and 1PUTT will expand partnership opportunities with up to 15 venues across the UK

1PUTT has successfully completed its debut partnership season in Esher, Surrey, proving a consumer desire for an alternative to traditional golf.

The partnership with 1PUTT has generated 21% revenue uplifts for Thames Ditton and Esher Golf Club (TD&E) in one season. Increasing footfall to course and clubhouse, just 10 1PUTT events equated to 40% of the years bar revenue resulting in a profound effect on the club.

The new golf experience, which centres around an oversize golf hole has been welcomed by club staff and members alike. The bigger holes aren’t the only difference to improving the fun on the course. 1PUTT promotes the freshest style in golf clothing; on-course bars and music bringing a bold approach to the game; free hire sets are readily available for those that don’t have clubs; and caddy spots are even available for those who want to come along for the fun but not the golf.

The events which host groups of any size, end by centring around an après style party with bars and DJ’s keeping the atmosphere going right through to a final shoot-out competition where the top teams battle it out in front of the whole party to determine the eventual 1PUTT winner.

Versatile in its offering, 1PUTT has a portfolio including open events, league nights, corporate days and session times.

In an era where golf participation numbers are falling rapidly and struggling clubs continue to close, many of the sports barriers including pace of play and difficulty, continue to be highlighted. 1PUTT has found something to bring energy and excitement back into the grass roots game.

As well as attracting golfers of all ability levels and genders, 1PUTT’s audience is predominantly between the ages of 25 – 40. Their community of younger players is also testified by an active and engaged social media audience that brings a modern marketing approach to unconnected regional clubs through their rapidly growing Instagram account (@1puttgolf).

Trustee and Club manager at TD&E, Jeff Hammond said, “The income from the events has been an invaluable bonus for the club. The sell-out launch event tripled the previous record for Food & Beverage revenue taken in a single day – pretty impressive given the 127-year history.”

As well as boosting footfall and revenue 1PUTT has provided a new dimension to the club that the members are proud of. Richard Gleave OBE, member at TD&E, “1PUTT has created wonderful experiences for everyone from beginners to long established and experienced players. The cooperation has allowed Thames Ditton and Esher to stabilise its future by bringing a new version of the game but still acknowledging the essence of traditional golf.”

Co – founder Ross McInley said, “The golf experience is almost identical at all clubs throughout the UK. We still love and respect the traditional form of the game, but with numbers declining, many clubs are struggling for a foothold in the community. 1PUTT provides a way for these clubs to differentiate and add something unique to their golf experience and attract new audiences.”

1PUTT is currently in their expansion planning phase for 2020, looking to franchise 15 new 1PUTT partner venues. Harry McInley, brother of Ross and co-founder said “We are about to closing our second round of funding which will allow us to expand the business and grow awareness. Our aim is to disrupt the leisure market and make people realise that there is now another way to enjoy golf.”

For more information on 1PUTT, or to enquire about becoming a 1PUTT partner venue please click here or contact

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