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The Secret to Great Inventing; from Power Tee Inventor & CEO Martin Wyeth

9.21am 1st May 2019 - Innovation Centre

A successful inventor has to know one thing for sure. They have to know when their latest idea is gold, and when it’s a useless pile of garbage.

First feedback will always come from friends and family and that is never a great source. Your parents are generally your greatest fans and supporters in life, so it would take a tough dad to tell you your great idea stinks. As with friends, family and close acquaintances.

Now, you may argue that even if you make it to market with a bad invention, the world will quickly put you right. Well here’s the rub: the world is going to trash your idea no matter how good or bad it is.

To change the world around you is extremely hard, and to succeed you will need to ignore the critics and grind through the obstacles. However, after expending a crazy amount of effort, you better have a good idea because a bad one just won’t fly no matter how hard you try, but a good one will soar.

If you don’t believe me, the icon of invention would be Edison’s light bulb. It took hundreds of failed attempts to make it work, removal of oxygen, filament metal, power connection, and so on. All had to be overcome to make a viable product. Edison surely knew it was a problem worth solving.

“Duh”, I hear the smart ones say, “I could have told you the light bulb was a winner”. But look at the context of the time. Houses were lit by flames; gas or candle. There were no power stations, no wiring, no outlets. The common thought was that electricity is dangerous. Be sure that just because Edison demonstrated a light bulb, the money didn’t just start rolling in. He would have been sniffed at and ridiculed on the concept plenty of times.

James Dyson invented a vacuum cleaner that does not clog or lose suction. Great, right? Apparently not. Hoover rejected it right away and so did many others. It took Dyson decades to become profitable, but last year Dyson made over $4 billion in revenue. Power Tee won the Wiltshire Business of the Year award, which is judged by none other than James Dyson himself.

As with them, Power Tee is enormously successful. Power Tee is used worldwide, teeing up millions of balls per day at many of the finest clubs in the world. After all, ranges and clubs make more money, the golfers get any height tee they like, the surfaces are consistent and brilliant, you don’t have to bend over and you improve your swing and confidence more quickly.

The benefits were obvious from the beginning, right? Well, not so much.

It took a year of selling in the UK for a range owner to buy the first system. Once he did, he reordered three times in the following six weeks.

The reasons for declining Power Tee were wild and varied, among them were;

Martin Wyeth (right) and Jim Furyk

The reason there are only 22 quality ranges left in the UK that do not have Power Tee is simple: golfers love having the ball teed up for them, and once they step on Power Tee, the benefits are obvious. The ranges ultimately decided to give their customer base what they wanted, and make more money doing so.

The innovators who installed Power Tee early have had years of increased revenue and increased customer satisfaction. As the saying goes: the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the second best time is now.

Plant your money tree today and start earning more money with Power Tee

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