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OnCore Golf forms commercial partnership to develop ‘golf ball with a brain’

1.00pm 16th April 2019 - Innovation Centre

Golf ball manufacturer OnCore Golf and CHIP’d, a company focused on bringing smart ball technology to the sporting goods industry, have entered into a partnership to accelerate the final development and commercial launch of the GENiUS Ball – the golf ball with a brain.

The brains of the smart golf ball being developed by CHIP’d incorporate the latest in GPS, Bluetooth, antenna and battery design. Mobile applications will enable golfers to connect with the GENiUS Ball to track GPS location and ball flight characteristics – like carry and total distance, backspin, initial ball speed, and more – in real-time on their smartphones, with data for every shot being stored in the cloud for post-round review and game analysis.

OnCore is known for its high-performance golf balls of patented and proprietary design – bringing performance characteristics not previously seen in USGA-conforming balls to golfers of all skill levels. The team of leading electronics experts at CHIP’d boast decades of experience developing products for the smartphone industry, along with a background in cloud-based software and golf analytics.

“By bringing together the skills and expertise of the two organisations, we expect to achieve a result that neither could reach alone,” said OnCore chairman and CEO Keith Blakely.

The collaboration between the two companies is expected to deliver a ball whose performance is indistinguishable from some of the best golf balls on the market today.

“I’ve always believed a smart golf ball was inevitable and would be a game-changer in the golf industry,” says Chris Beck, former Srixon brand manager and current CHIP’d Advisor. “With obvious benefits for the golfer in play and practice, this technology can also change the way PGA Professionals teach, how course managers maintain golf courses, and how equipment brand fit and sell equipment. The rich data collected from smart golf balls will benefit the entire golf industry.”

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