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Inrange® announces partnership with aboutGOLF®

3.16pm 14th April 2021 - Innovation Centre

Beginning today (April 14th  2021), the latest addition to the Inrange+™ multiplayer product suite, Inrange+™ Courses, is available at Inrange® facilities across the globe.

Inrange+™ Courses create the ideal playing environment for groups of golfers to play on some of the most iconic holes & courses around the globe – from the comfort of your own bay, at your local Inrange®-equipped driving range.

Players now have the opportunity to test themselves against friends and fellow golfers on a selection of exciting holes without having to worry about dress codes, lost balls, slow play or a lack of time.

Inrange® co-founder Nick Longley said: “We’re extremely proud to be partnering with aboutGOLF®, a global leader in simulator golf. We’ve worked with them to curate a selection of the world’s best courses chosen for playability and fun as well challenging every level of player”

Where a round of 9, 18 or even just a few holes is out of reach for most players during the week – and often even on the weekend – Inrange+™ Courses bring the course to the player. That makes it ideal for players of every experience level, whether they’re completely new to the Inrange® practice product & Inrange+™ multiplayer experience, or are seasoned users with an Inrange® Handicap™ already under their belt.

“At aboutGOLF®, we’re passionate about making the game more accessible to golfers everywhere. This partnership does just that, and we’re proud to be an Inrange® collaborator,” said Brett Campbell, CEO of aboutGOLF.

And for range visitors new to the game of golf – but who’ve tried Inrange+™ games already – Inrange+™ Courses are the perfect introduction to golf through an authentic – but forgiving – immersive multiplayer experience.

Built on the foundation of the same precision radar tracking technology as Inrange® & the Inrange® app, Inrange+™ Courses rely on an array of radar sensors placed in specific locations around the range, creating a series of interlocking radar fields that can instantly detect which bay a ball was hit from – and track its entire flight in real time, displaying the shot data on the in-bay touchscreen device.

Easily covering a range of 100 bays or more, the Inrange® sensors can track dozens of balls hit simultaneously, each from a different origin, and provide detailed data on speed, trajectory, path, landing point and more, to within a yard, making for a compelling and accurate virtual course experience.

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