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Ensure Members’ Safety With ‘Scanatize’ Entry System

2.30pm 23rd April 2021 - Innovation Centre

When clubhouses reopen golf managers will be faced with unprecedented expectations from members and visitors alike to provide a safe environment – and, with the launch of the Scanatize thermal entry system, clubs can achieve that and a lot more besides.

The innovative, contactless, thermal entry system comes in a slimline panel tablet and is compatible with most existing gateway systems – utilising data cards or key fobs – to ensure those entering the building are not running a temperature. Crucially, its GDPR-compliant data capture and reporting facility can be downloaded and used as part of a track-and-trace operation should the need arise.

It has options for 3D facial recognition and two-way audio, as well as a QR code reader, and is also able to detect accurately whether a compulsory facemask or hard-hat is being worn, with an audible alarm if an individual fails to comply with required safety protocols.

It can be utilised as a simple standalone device or as part of a network if there are several entry points. And, commercially, it generates revenue with the capability of over-branding and a rotating advertising mode when in standby.

But while the suggestion of revenue generation might prick up the ears of the bean counters, it’s the effect on client and staff morale that is key, according to Scanafy director Colin Cook.

He said: “Not only does Scanatize prevent access to those with a high temperature, but it can clearly be seen performing its role, which is a confidence boost to anybody entering the premises, be they member, visitor or employee.

“And that knowledge and peace of mind will be essential as we adapt to changing behaviours and habits and look to build and maintain people’s trust within the hospitality sector and beyond.”

The high-tech thermal camera uses an accurate, market-leading digital module for rapid core-body temperature detection – to +/- 0.3ºc – up to a distance of 1.5 metres, ensuring that, unlike when using hand-held temperature testers, no user is at risk of infection.

The system is already installed at Brighton & Hove Albion FC, while several central London hotel groups have approved trials. Glyndebourne has also shown keen interest ahead of the 2021 festival and London-based Scanafy will continue to introduce the system into several other industry sectors as lockdown begins to ease.

Cook added: “This system is designed for the physical safety and mental wellbeing of society, not one industry sector. It should be utilised wherever there is substantial footfall: not just golf, sporting and hospitality venues, but medical facilities, care homes, hotels and the premises of any large employers.

“Ultimately, such capital expenditure will be seen as a small price to pay to return to normality and the use of the technology will become just one small, inconsequential change among many in our future lives.”

Scanafy delivers a technically advanced product range, specifically developed to help combat security and safety issues the world will continue to face because of COVID-19. It helps ensure workplaces are as safe as possible for staff and customers, increasing consumer confidence and assisting businesses through their recovery process, by providing contactless thermal scanning, mask detection, and 3D facial recognition including card, fob or QR-code entry systems. For further information contact Colin Cook on +44 (0) 20 8906 9966 or email


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