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Titleist is the No. 1 golf ball at The Open Championship

12.10am 26th July 2000 - Corporate

Titleist has been officially confirmed as the No. 1 golf ball at the 2000 Open Championship at St Andrews. It is the 21st year in succession that Titleist has led this prestigious count. It has also been the No. 1 ball on the USPGA Tour for the past 51 years and the No. 1 ball on the European Tour since counts were started in 1980

This year a total of 91 competitors in the 156 – man field used a Titleist golf ball. That is over five times more than its leading competitor. The Open was a hugely successful Championship for Titleist because the company also led the official driver count with its 975D driver for the second year in a row.

The Titleist 975D was used by 45 competitors. Titleist won the putter count with 48 golfers using a Titleist putter and was second in the iron count with 22.

Titleist also had resounding success in the equipment surveys conducted at the 2000 Amateur Championship and the 2000 UK Club Professional’s Championship.

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