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New Turf Disease Fungicide Technology

1.20pm 10th February 2017 - Corporate

Exteris packimagesRigby Taylor Ltd has announced its appointment by Bayer to supply their new turf fungicide, Exteris Stressgard, through the company’s UK sales force.

Containing the new active ingredient fluopyram, Exteris is expertly engineered to target microdochium patch and dollar spot and is an exciting new addition for integrated and disease resistance management programmes.

Exteris can penetrate plants through the roots, shoots and leaves and form a protective barrier on the plant, permeate into the plant and move upwards (acropetally) in the xylem. Combined with the Stressgard formulation technology, a unique combination of active ingredients and turf specific co-formulants that all combine to provide optimal performance under a range of turf disease stress conditions

Precision disease management

Preventative applications provide protection for the plant before disease occurs. By selecting the right fungicide in advance, fungicidal longevity can be maximized by applying an appropriate product at the time when it can be most effective The result when applying Exteris Stressgard will be an up-grade in product performance, leading to superior disease management and visibly healthier turf.

Exteris is supplied in 5 litre packs, applied at 10 litres/ ha in water volumes of 200 – 600 litres. It has an extensive range of all year round applications on golf greens, tees and fairways, sports grounds, cricket pitches and bowling greens.

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