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Majestic Coffee install real bean machines in over 250 PGA stores

9.58am 21st January 2015 - Corporate

Majestic Coffee
Majestic Coffee

The Manchester based coffee machine and Ingredients Company have supplied in excess of 250 Pro shops from the Scottish Highlands to the South Coast of England. Since partnering both the Foremost and TGI groups a significant number of club pros have taken advantage of the group offer.

“Offering customers and visitors a hot takeaway drink option has certainly proved extremely attractive, 100s of pros have commented that although the extra revenue stream is more than welcome they have seen an increase in their shop footfall helping to not only create a positive environment but turning the pro shop into a focal point of the club,” states sales director Phil Aitken.

Aitken also adds, “In the early days there was a slight reluctance from certain pros not wanting to upset their club catering department, however once both the club and pro understand that by simply offering a hot takeaway drink as opposed to a cold one there is no conflict with the member that wants to sit in the club house with a hot drink on saucer enjoying a sandwich etc. The hot takeaway drink cup ends up in the waste-bin just the same as an empty bottle of Lucozade, it’s designed for a lid to be attached and taken outdoors”

The Bianchi real bean machine doesn’t require a direct water feed and takes up less retail space than a tour bag.

Majestic Coffee

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