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Longer-last grindstones

8.35am 21st September 2007 - Corporate

Bernhard and Company has launched the SuperBlue grindstone, designed and developed to last up to three times longer than conventional grindstones.

Harnessing new stone structure technology the abrasive particles in SuperBlue are combined with an advanced bonding agent. This gives greater efficiency, allowing the right amount of particles to be used at the right rate.

With lower wear the operators will find that less dust goes into the atmosphere and a traditional grindstone would have to grind for a longer period to achieve the same results.

Using SuperBlue, said a spokesman, produces ground blades with optimum performance levels and with mowers this translates to the cutting units being able to maintain the highest presentation standards on all turf surfaces.

“This is just one example of how we continually evaluate and improve all aspects of the grinding process to meet customers’ needs,” said Stephen Bernhard, managing director.

Bernhard and Company

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