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Golf Plus sees sales soar

8.00am 27th October 2005 - Corporate

Golf Plus Ltd has now installed its Ranger Plus GPS Buggy Systems at The De Vere Belfry, The Marriott Goodwood Park and at more than ten other golf facilities in Britain and abroad. These latest installations mean that the advanced Ranger Plus GPS Buggy System is now in operation at over 30 top British courses and at more than 250 golf clubs worldwide.
Wentworth, The London Club and Stoke Park were among the first British clubs to install the Golf Plus Ranger Plus GPS Buggy System and over the summer they have been joined by a growing number of other clubs that recognise the benefits the system brings.
Subsequently, many of these clubs have enjoyed an immediate financial boost, with cart rentals up and increased customer satisfaction leading to improved repeat green fee sales.
The latest list of Golf Plus customers includes both private clubs and commercial concerns:

  • The De Vere Belfry installed 60 Ranger Plus GPS Buggy Systems in July following a successful trial period.
  • Marriott Goodwood Park equipped their whole fleet with the System following a successful trial at the Marriot Forest of Arden.
  • The Leaderboard Group has agreed to install 24 Ranger Plus GPS Buggy Systems at Chart Hills as part of an evaluation process that could see the System adapted at its other courses at The Oxfordshire, Sandford Springs and Dale Hills.
  • Sandy Lodge, a private members club in Middlesex, decided to install the System it its entire fleet after a trial boosted cart usage and increased advertising revenue.
  • Barnham Broom installed the Ranger Plus GPS Buggy System in its fleet of 25 carts.
  • De Vere Mottram Hall put the System into its entire fleet based on customer satisfaction during a trial when it charged a £10 premium on all carts equipped with the Buggy GPS Ranger System.
  • The council-owned Panshanger course in Hertfordshire installed the System in its fleet of 10 carts and subsequently noticed a substantial increase in cart rentals at a new premium price
  • The Montgomerie course in Dubai placed an order for 100 Ranger Plus GPS Buggy Systems after the evident return on investment from 95 Systems at The Desert Course at Arabian Ranches sister course in 2004.
  • The Nadal Sheba Club in Dubai installed 100 Ranger Plus GPS Buggy Systems after the success of 80 systems installed at its sister course in Dubai, The Creek Golf Club.
  • The New Tower Links Course in Emirate of Ras Al Khemhia ( 35k from Dubai) installed 40 new units on opening in June.

…and other large orders were fulfilled at the Abu Dhabi Golf Club and at the Greyhawk Golf Club in Ohio and the Highland National Golf Club in Minnesota.
“We‘ve had a fantastic summer and interest in the Buggy GPS Ranger Plus System seems to be growing all the time,” said Jeremy Cooke, the managing director of Golf Plus UK Ltd. “Golfers clearly love the System and the clubs that install it benefits as a result.”
Enthusiasm for the product was shared by many of Golf Plus Ltd’s latest customers. “When we installed Golf Plus GPS Ranger Plus system there was an immediate euphoria and a clearly visible increase in cart sales,” said Steve Follet, the Marriott Group’s director of golf. “The upsell to buggy rental became much easier and the ‘wow’ factor continues to increase buggy sales.”
“This is one of the most exciting developments in modern golf,” agreed James Hill, golf manager at Barnham Broom Golf Club. “We are delighted we decided to install the Golf Plus GPS Ranger Plus Buggy System. It has already increased cart rental income and proved very popular with the golfers who have tried it out.”
Gordon Burnaston, the director of golf at De Vere Mottram Hall, also highlighted the financial benefits accruing from installing the Golf Plus GPS Ranger Plus system.
“To begin with, when we equipped a small part of our buggy fleet with the Ranger Plus GPS System, we implemented a two-tier charge for buggy rental,” he said. “We noticed the GPS-equipped buggies were always rented first, despite the fact we charged a £10 premium for them. That is why we had no qualms about installing the system in the rest of the fleet,” he added. “Our customers were genuinely upset when they couldn‘t rent a GPS buggy. The performance of the GPS system clearly exceeds the expectations of both members and visitors alike.”
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