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Germinal Seeds Launches New Maintenance Guide For Wild Flora Users

9.09am 4th June 2014 - Corporate

Wild Flora Guide 2014 02Greenkeepers can find all they need to know about wild flora mixtures thanks to a new guide produced by Germinal Seeds, the largest privately owned seed company in the UK.

In response to increasing demand for more wild flowers on golf courses, on the roadside and other green spaces, the guide provides a full breakdown on how to choose a mixture and maintain a wild flora area, from selecting a suitable location through to preparing the seedbed and sowing the seed.

Amenity sales manager Richard Brown said: “We have produced this guide to provide wild flora users with accessible and user-friendly information for all their advice needs. In our full product brochure, launched earlier this year, we included our wild flora mixtures for the first time and this guide is now available to complement those purchasing the mixtures.

“Wild flowers not only benefit and add to the natural beauty of the environment but encourage pollinating insects too and importantly, our mixtures have been deemed ‘Perfect for Pollinators’ by the Royal Horticultural Society.

“The guide is an excellent resource on its own but for those in need of tailored advice our technical sales representatives, who have specialist knowledge and experience in the landscaping sector, are only a phone call away.”

The representatives operate throughout the UK and are also FACTS qualified (Fertiliser Advisers Certification Training scheme).

The Wild Flora Mixtures Maintenance Guide is available to download here.

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