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Foresight Sports offers free access to Level 1 education programme

11.23am 9th June 2020 - Corporate

Foresight Sports Europe, the market-leading launch monitor and golf simulator brand, has now made Level 1 of its PEAK (Performance, Education, Analysis and Knowledge) certified professional online education programme completely free of charge. 

The education programme is designed for all golfers, coaches, fitters and Tour professionals to get the very most out of their launch monitors and simulation software, and to ensure a common language and understanding around the different data points measured. 

PEAK Level 1 is the starting point for those looking to fully understand Foresight Sports’ technology. The digital training programme allows students to work through the online content sessions at their own pace, with hours of video content – featuring Liam Mucklow, Martin Hall and other Foresight ambassadors – explaining everything they need to know in easily accessible detail. 

Students can access and refer back to the online content whenever they choose. The core benefit to students of the PEAK Level 1 platform is receiving an in-depth understanding of every data point measured by their launch monitor. It also provides vital information on how the camera system measures the ball and club, and how that data can be applied, providing a huge enhancement to practice and coaching sessions.

“Foresight Sports has been at the cutting edge of launch monitor technology since it began in 2010, now with the development of the PEAK programme, we can offer an education experience to match” said Liam Mucklow, Director of Education for Foresight Sports. “The feedback we have received so far from coaches and club-fitters has been incredible. They are finding that PEAK gives them the opportunity to fully understand how the camera technology works and why it provides the most reliable data available,” he added.

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