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Global-Golf4-Cancer Campaign Tackles Scottish Challenge

1.44pm 5th November 2018 - People

A global campaign to help raise awareness of cancer teed off at Trump Tunberry in Scotland last month, when Nick Edmund, a golf writer and former managing director of Faldo Design, began the first part of a 400-mile walk from the iconic west coast resort to Royal Dornoch Golf Club on Scotland’s north east coast.

Global-Golf4-Cancer campaign seeks to harnesses the power of golf in the fight against cancer, and Edmund, who has twice survived head and neck cancer, has already completed a marathon 2,000km trek around the west coast of Ireland, which he completed in May.

He teed off from the 4th hole of the world-famous Ailsa Course at Turnberry at 4.44pm on October 15 and then began a 400-mile trek from Turnberry’s famous lighthouse on Monday morning.

With plans to ‘golf-walk’ the west, east and north coasts of Scotland before the end of this year, Edmund’s effort will draw further attention to the worldwide campaign which aims to raise awareness and encourage fundraising for cancer sufferers from within the golfing community.

Nick Edmund starts the first leg of his Turnberry to Dornoch Scottish GlobalGolf4Cancer ‘4 flag’ as he walks away from the Lighthouse at Turnberry

Flying the flag for this initiative, and stopping only to undergo further treatment for his current diagnosis, Edmund plans to visit 24 of Scotland’s most prestigious championship links courses between Turnberry and Dornoch. And with plans to play the fourth hole of each course, he will deliver a distinctive Global-Golf4-Cancer awareness flag for the club to fly periodically on that hole in support of the campaign.

Edmund said: “With approximately 60 million golfers and 35,000 courses worldwide, golf is one of the world’s largest participation sports and it is a community that has enormous international reach. So we are on a mission with the ‘Turnberry to Dornoch’ golf walk, to enlist the support of golfers and raise as much awareness as possible in the fight against cancer. If we can inspire the golfing community to fly the flag for cancer sufferers and support various cancer fighting initiatives worldwide, then I think we can make a real difference.”

For further information about Global-Golf4-Cancer and the ‘Turnberry to Dornoch’ 4-Flag Campaign, visit

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