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New Series 6 Jupiter ATI Reduces Time Mowers are out of Action

10.24pm 26th February 2018 - New Products - This story was updated on Tuesday, February 27th, 2018

A Hunter Grinder is in the ultimate all-in-one mower grinder, combining precision spin and relief operations in one machine, although both methods can be used independently if the user desires.

The company’s all-new Series 6 relief grinder made its UK debut at BTME 2018. One machine can fully relief or spin and relief grind returning cylinders and bottom blades back to the manufacturer’s original specification. Technology-rich, it enables the operator to programme the machine then carry out other work.

Research conducted by major mower manufacturers concluded that relief ground units remain sharp at least three times longer than spin ground only units. Some operators report that theirs stay sharp five or six times longer when the relief angle is added. The time mowers spend in the workshop has a huge impact on turf maintenance operations, especially at the height of the season, so the choice of grinder is a significant one for any organisation. During a typical growing season, a spin ground unit will need to be sharpened on average at least six times whereas the spin and relief ground units need only be sharpened twice. Taking into consideration the complete task; time taken to remove the cutting unit from the mower and prepare it for grinding, mounting the cutting unit in the grinder, sharpening it and removing it from the grinder, then reassembling, setting up and refitting the cutting unit to the mower, the amount of time a mower is taken out of use can be reduced considerably.

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Hunter Grinders – – are sold by Lloyds of Letchworth

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