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New Footcare Solution For Golfers With Eco-Friendly Shoe Dryer

8.10am 26th April 2019 - New Products

Stepping out on the golf course in the morning dew, wading into the wet grass of the rough or simply sweating in the glorious heat of a summer round … the days of drying out your golf shoes with tatty scraps of newspaper are over, as a new golf gadget solves the problem of wet footwear…

Drysure, is a footwear drying product made from a bag of silica gel beads encased in a removable plastic shell, designed for maximum airflow.

The concept is quite simple – with the plastic case allowing the shoe dryer to slot easily into footwear – and the increased airflow resulting in a product that dries footwear 12 times faster than airdrying.

We’ve all been there at the end of a round when our shoes are damp and we throw them in the back of the car without thought, only to put them on the next day – still wet!

The beauty of Drysure is twofold – firstly, you can take them anywhere. They are lightweight and handy to keep in your golf bag before popping them into your golf shoes at the end of your game. You can even dry them in the car on your way home.

Secondly, they don’t require heat, power or electricity – the beauty of which (especially for those who golf with orthopaedic footbeds) – means they won’t damage or distort the inside of your shoes.

A problem with heated dryers can be they warp footbeds – which certainly won’t have a positive effect on your stance and swing.

The added benefit of drying footwear correctly is they reduce the potential for bacterial and fungal growth – helping to keep golf shoes fresh and free from nasty germs.  This also reduces nasty smells from developing.

The products can be used repeatedly – with the silica bags being “reactivated” after absorbing up to 10 or so days of moisture. Simply pop the bag on a radiator, in direct sunlight or in the oven on a low temperature. Their reusability adding to their eco-friendly nature.

A handy item to add to the golf bag and a great gift for the golfer that has everything. Oh and they come in two designs – “Active” and “Extreme”. Golfers will want to opt for the “Active” version designed for low ankle footwear.

The company, a start-up business based in London, sell their product world-wide both directly and through retailers. Any pro shops interested in trailing or stocking the product can contact with more at

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