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Bedlam Puts New Spin on ‘Scary Clown’ Craze

7.30am 25th October 2016 - New Products


Bedlam Golf has added some fresh style to the recent clown craze with its own “scary” range of trousers.

As troublemakers have dressed up as lurking clowns for the sake of a cheap laugh and to frighten the unsuspecting public, the innovative brand has adopted similar shock tactics with a range of trousers, which are sure to generate a few looks of horror among golfers who prefer a more subtle choice of fashion.

Pete Wilson, founder, chief designer and managing director of Bedlam Golf, has upped the ante when it comes to creating some frightening sights on the fairways.

bedlamgolf-on-course-small2With Halloween on the horizon, there will be some golfers spooked by their playing partner’s choice of attire.

Wilson said: “We’ve seen a few village idiots dressing up as clowns lately. If you’ve really got the urge to dress like a clown, without upsetting anyone, then look no further than our range of trousers. They are definitely scary to some people, although only in a fashion sense.”

There is little chance of skulking around in any shadows with Bedlam’s range, which covers the full spectrum from slightly rascal to full-on garish – perfect for the man who has absolutely no desire to follow an understated style choice.

Made in a slim-fit design from a hard-wearing polyester/spandex blend they will certainly not go unnoticed and, as an added bonus, they will definitely push the boundaries with some of the stuffier club members who demand only the highest standards of attire from all competitors in the monthly medal.

Starting at £34.99, the collection of dazzling designs includes polka dots, stripes, diamonds, flowers and other unfathomable shapes which rarely feature on the fashion pages of respected magazines.

And the junior range means no youngster should ever be denied the opportunity to follow in his father’s footsteps when it comes to dressing to impress on the golf course.

With a selection of showy shirts and conspicuous caps to complete the full outfit, Wilson believes there is simply no excuse for golf’s traditional pastel colours or seasonal autumnal shades.

And he is keen to ensure golfers remember the sport is supposed to be fun.

Wilson said: “Some golfers might have forgotten it’s all supposed to be a bit of fun. But anyone who wears Bedlam doesn’t take themselves too seriously. Our view is that if you are going to play like a clown – as many of us do on a golf course – you might as well dress like one.”

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