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Arm-Lock Grip Is a Diamond Product

8.32am 22nd April 2016 - New Products

Diamond Golf International  is the sole distributor of the Arm-Lock Converter Grip
Diamond Golf International  is the sole distributor of the Arm-Lock Converter Grip

Help is at hand from Diamond Golf International for golfers affected by the new ‘long putter ban’.

The Sussex-based company is the sole distributor of the Arm-Lock Converter Grip, which replaces a regular grip on a belly, broomstick, or standard putter to accommodate a USGA conforming forearm anchor putting stroke.

The Arm-Lock Golf Converter Grip turns any putter into a forearm-anchored putter and negates the de-lofting which occurs due to forward shaft press when the putter grip rests against the forearm.

The bore in the grip, or shaft channel, is angled so that the shaft aligns with the forearm and increases the effective loft by 2-3 degrees.

Said Daren Treacy from Diamond Golf: “This is very clever development and with many Pros no doubt being asked by their members for ways to combat the anchored putting stroke ban, it’s a great product.

“Without increased putter loft the ball is driven into the putting surface, severely affecting the roll and intended line. But most current putters on the market adapted for this method are built with a loft of seven degrees in order to impart a proper roll.

“The main drawback to these putters is that they still put the player in an awkward position with an uncomfortable forward press at address – but the Arm-Lock Golf Converter Grip doesn’t.”

The grips are best fitted using compressed air and trimming (for broom and belly putters) or extending (for standard length models) to roughly one inch below the forearm elbow crease is the only other modification required to an existing putter.

The Arm-Lock Converter Grip can be used on either the left or right forearms and by either right or left handed players and was invented by Ed Klein, a stockbroker from Aberdeen, USA, and PGA club professional Ronnie Espedal.

Founded in 1978, Diamond carries the widest range of golf club components, workshop items and training aids in Europe. It stocks over £750,000 of products at wholesale value and has a 4,000sq ft warehouse and office in West Sussex, with 12 employees focused entirely on delivering great services to golf professionals and the industry.

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