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Bunkered picks up sports podcast award

5.02pm 22nd April 2021 - Media

A podcast produced by Scotland’s leading golf title, bunkered, has been recognised by the UK publishing industry by winning an award at the annual Publishers Podcast Awards

The Sports Podcast of the Year Award was achieved by The bunkered Podcast just eight months after the platform’s launch, marking the immediate impact the new content had on golf audiences. 

Since launch, the producers of the podcast, which is now sponsored by golf trolley manufacturer Motocaddy, has already been nominated for three prominent industry awards, while consumer recognition has been achieved by its rapid rise up the podcast chart to be listed as the UK’s second biggest golf podcast by downloads. 

The bunkered Podcast was also nominated in the Best Hobbies & Special Interest Podcast category. 

Picking up the award, bunkered editor and podcast co-host Bryce Ritchie said: “When we started the podcast in August 2020, we really didn’t know what to expect. Fast-forward to April 2021 and we are regularly inside the top three golf podcasts in the UK.  

“The launch of the podcast was part of the natural evolution of the bunkered brand, which celebrated 25 years last year. I’m proud to say it is only the beginning of our digital evolution. It’s been a rapid rise for the podcast and we will endeavour keep the standards high with the excellent support we receive from our colleagues at DC Thomson.”  

Richie added: “Bunkered’s digital editor, Michael McEwan, deserves much of the credit for convincing me to produce a podcast and for the lion’s share of the work every week to create each episode.” 

McEwan, host of The bunkered Podcast, added: “It goes without saying that we are absolutely delighted to receive such major recognition for our podcast. We arrived somewhat late to the party, but we are thrilled by how well it has been received. Despite the obvious challenges posed by the past year, we are immensely proud of Bunkered’s continued growth and innovation. From record traffic on our website in 2020, to the successful launch of exciting new brand extensions such as Bunkered Golf Breaks and the now award-winning podcast, it is an exciting time to be part of the Bunkered team. 

“Massive thanks to all of our fantastic guests and, of course, our listeners, without whom Bryce and I would spend an hour every week arguing with each other for no particular reason.” 

Chris Phin, DC Thomson Head of Podcasts, added: “The outpouring of congratulations from listeners that met the announcement last night tells you everything you need to know; right from the very first second, The bunkered Podcast hit on a winning formula, with terrific access to guests, big ‘old married couple’ energy from Michael and Bryce, and, most important of all, the voice of authenticity and passion right from the home of golf.” 

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