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Punctus Greenkeeping: Cutting Costs Sensibly

8.55am 10th February 2012 - Management Topics

Insert from the study. Internal costs of ageing machines, differences in man hours for machine repairs

Aging machines, semi-rough costs, bunker design… The real costs do usually not show up in the golf club’s accounting. The new Punctus Study 2012 shows the potential for cost management. Salaries and machine costs including fuel constitute the main costs in greenkeeping.

But where do those man and machine hours go? There is no “price tag” on specific jobs or areas: e.g. “How much do our bunkers cost per year?”

There is also no “price tag” on problems, says Andrea Talkenberg of Punctus Ltd.  Additional costs due to aging machines, greens or drainage are not visible in accounting numbers. Yet these costs can easily reach five figure amounts year after year. Course lay-out can matter as well: in the study group the cost for the semi-rough differs by more than £ 60,000 per year. We are looking at regular 18 hole membership clubs here.

Following the success of the first Punctus Study on cost structures in Greenkeeping in 2009, Punctus worked together with customers, who use the Punctus System for documentation and cost control – to analyse their Greenkeeping costs. Around 40 customers from the UK, Germany and Switzerland were invited to participate. The study covers all areas: from maintenance costs for greens, fairways, bunkers, tees, to machine costs.

Punctus has produced a short video on cost management in Greenkeeping:

Using the Punctus program is easy and quick: 10 minutes a day give the greenkeeper, club management and board or owner the information, where man and machine hours go or if machines are still economical. The Punctus Study can then help to analyse their own documentation and to bring expenditure in greenkeeping in line with the club’s finances.

Used in 18 countries; on courses with 9 to 54 holes; with Greenkeeping staff from 3 to 46; Austria, Australia, Belgium, Brunei, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Great Britain, Iceland, Ireland, Kenya, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Thailand, USA, and United Arab Emirates/Dubai


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