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“Couldn’t be happier!” Top teaching pro Gareth Johnston gets

9.37am 10th June 2016 - Management Topics - This story was updated on Sunday, June 12th, 2016

High profile golf coach Gareth Johnston loves
High profile golf coach Gareth Johnston loves

With well over 400 students in his diary and database, Gareth Johnston is teaching for seven and more hours a day, five days a week, so time is a precious commodity. Besides the teaching time, he also has to find admin time, and as anyone who uses paper diaries and ‘phones to do it knows, agreeing a time and date that’s convenient with a customer/student is rarely just a matter of a couple of minutes.

Add in all the e-mails, and your admin’s really eating into time you either want to be teaching, or doing other things altogether.

Johnston’s had the system’s Academy package for just over five weeks, and says: “One immediate benefit is that I can now see and do everything in terms of lessons on my iPhone, which of course is with me all the time, whereas the old paper diary stayed in the shop.”

“So the time saving factor’s massive…all I have to do is check my iPhone every now and then to see what my diary’s looking like. I can easily do this out on the range or wherever I happen to be, any time I need to, which is rarely ever in the Pro Shop!”
Johnston continues, “With, any one of my students can book a lesson without having to call, visit the shop, or take up any of my time or that of my assistants. When there’s one person running the shop while I’m out teaching – and I’m teaching between eight and 11 lessons every day – a ‘phonecall may well be interrupting a sale with another customer or member.”

“My students love the new system.” he comments. “I’ve already got some 50 to 60 using it on a regular basis to make bookings at all sorts of times of the day and night. I’ve had a lot of feedback saying how easy it is for them to use, and how much better it is than calling between 8am and 5pm to try to agree a time and date – now they can click and pick whenever I’m available.”

How does Johnston sum up his latest business and communications tool? As he puts it: “Thanks to and the chaps in Amsterdam I can focus my teaching time, check my diary wherever I am,  and I’ve now got quite a lot more of my precious time back, time that I can spend with my growing family, and so I couldn’t be happier.”

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