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UK National Golf Month Report

2.00pm 3rd July 2015 - Growing the Game

National Golf Month reportMany thanks for your support of National Golf Month May 2015, without the involvement of so many of you the event could not have happened, writes Doug Poole, National Golf Month Director

The full report on NGM 2015 can be downloaded here. Overall it contains lots of positives. Our exposure to the non-golfing public through Bauer Media channels, other communication activities and especially the press launch (which was supported by Syngenta through Landmark Media) was a huge success. Carin Koch gave her time to help us promote the launch event at Wimbledon Common Golf Club. It aimed to increase the number of ladies playing golf and helped us to get ladies participation in NGM to 22% (which is higher than the current overall ladies participation levels)

Using our data, reports and assumptions the participation of new and lapsed golfers using activity from NGM was 27k plus, which show an increase on 2014. I also believe NGM 2015 will have a knock-on effect throughout 2015 as many clubs extended their offering beyond the end of May, which will increase that number.

Similar to 2014 a number of golfing facilities did a lot of promotion using the NGM branding, but didn’t upload their offers to the website. This was an issue in terms of data collection, but helpful in trying to grow golf participation.

I must thank Bauer Media and MiPins (Anthony Franklin) for giving their support to NGM FREE. There is still no other major activity in place focusing on growing golf amongst the UK public. Most are only concentrating on re-engaging with lapsed golfers. NGM really is unique for introducing new players to the game.

A final thanks goes to the Grow Golf Trustees for supporting NGM, without their funding all the associations, golf facilities, equipment brands and other major partners would not be working together through one major event to grow golf.

Next May we shall again run National Golf Month and with some additional sponsors. Watch this space!

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