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U.S. Kids Golf Wins Multiple ‘Golf Digest’ Editors’ Choice Awards

10.17pm 12th April 2018 - Growing the Game - This story was updated on Friday, April 13th, 2018

For the first time, one company claimed all three categories in the Junior Golf Equipment division in the prestigious Golf Digest Editors’ Choice Awards for 2018. U.S. Kids Golf were honoured by the selections of Yard Club for Beginners, Ultralight for Intermediate players, and the all-new Tour Series line for Transition (Advanced) players.

The selections honour what Golf Digest, the industry’s leading media publication, identifies as “The Best Things in Golf” based on it its breadth and depth of knowledge within the sport. Regarding U.S. Kids Golf, Golf Digest notes, “[It’s] vital that your child gets into the proper equipment at a young age. Not only do these junior-specific clubs make the game easier, they prevent bad habits from forming. And the company at the vanguard of this charge is U.S. Kids Golf.”

For Beginners, The U.S. Kids Golf Yard Club, with its oversized aluminium head and moulded grip, make it an ideal way to learn basic fundamentals of golf. The Yard Club comes in 9 sizes (each based on a player’s height, 39″ to 63″, spaced in 3-inch increments). Each purchase includes 3 limited flight foam yard balls that make it ideal for playing in the yard or even in suitable indoor areas.

For Intermediate players, Ultralight provides 9 sizes with sets that range from 3 club sets up to 11 club sets. Each size has a unique lie, loft, shaft flex, grip size, and weight; all of which help get shots in the air faster, higher, and at these swing speeds, farther down the fairway.

For the Transition category (advanced players preparing to transition to adult brands), U.S. Kids Golf offers Tour Series. Updated just this year, the new Tour Series 3 is the most researched, optimally engineered junior golf clubs ever produced. U.S. Kids Golf, employing Trackman technology, studied over 10,000 golf swings from elite junior players to find the specifications needed to optimize performance for their equipment.

“We are very appreciative to be recognized by the editors of Golf Digest,” says Dan Van Horn, President and Founder of U.S. Kids Golf. “Our mission has always been to help kids learn and have fun in the game. Honours like this affirm that our equipment is helping fulfil that mission.”

For more information on U.S. Kids Golf or its inclusion in this prestigious award, see the official write up in Golf Digest (

U.S. Kids Golf is the world’s leading organization for growing, promoting and enhancing golf among youth and families. Founded in 1997, U.S. Kids Golf has both an LLC division (producing equipment that come in 3 lines, all specially engineered in length, weight, loft, and lie) and a Foundation that has a Tournaments division (TPA), a Coaches Institute (CI) and owns and operates Longleaf Golf & Family Club (as well as the U.S. Kids Golf Academy). In 2018, U.S. Kids Golf was recognized by the National Golf Foundation as one of the “Top 100 Businesses in Golf” based on influence, innovation, and social good among other criteria. For more information, visit

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